Michael Mosely new book on Covid19


(bulkbiker) #2

Why am I not surprised…

Moseley the biggest jumper on of bandwagons anywhere…

('Jackie P') #3

A true media tart!


Linked because of the free chapter.

Is there a need for so many people here to be so very unpleasant and constantly negative? Don’t like it? Just move on without the snide comments FFS.
I am 70 yo type 2 diabetic and have been in isolation since March, I live alone and I don’t drive.

I need information that is accurate and research based to survive. I prefer to get it from a referenced and researched source than anonymous unchecked comments on this forum and imagine there may be some other metabolically unhealthy others here who could do with some information about surviving too.

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Moseley has form for jumping on whatever is the current “trend”. I’m sorry that you weren’t aware of that but it’s not my fault.
A lot of us here have regained our metabolic health through following the advice that

here have provided. I heartily suggest that it would benefit you too.

Information from people who have been there and done it is, in my opinion, worth far more than a book written by a medical journalist who hasn’t practised medicine for years.
That’s just my anonymous view.
I have however met the man in person and found him to be fairly unpleasant.

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Then Moseley is NOT a source you should be going to. He is tabloid science. Trained as a doctor, so can use the title, but never practised, IIRC. He’s an English Dr Oz (except Oz is ACTUALLY a surgeon, which puts him ahead of Moseley, which should be another warning sign.)

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I would like to defend Mosley just a little bit here. I know him most for his tv program and book about 5:2 fasting. Yes, he was using other people’s research and was just piggybacking others ideas, but he did manage to popularise fasting in a way nobody else was able to.

Fasting was considered extreme when he wrote his book, which is why his “fasting” was really a couple of low calorie days a week. However, this book remains close to the most mainstream book on fasting in the world (please provide other examples if you disagree). He popularised fasting more than anyone else (including my hero Dr Fung, who has never been mainstream).

Mosley’s understanding of the mechanisms of insulin is evident in his book. Alas, I remain perplexed that Mosley hasn’t taken this understanding of insulin to recommend low carb and keto. He is still very much in the CW camp on macro balances.

I don’t proclaim Mosley as a nice person (never met him), a reformer, or even a man of ideas. But he did find and popularise a dietary solution that I am convinced will become a standard approach to weight management into the future.

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To be honest Alec I think he has done more harm than good in his definition of “fasting”.
What he really was suggesting was a very low calorie diet for 2 non consecutive days a week.
This is of course very much a CICO strategy and not a fasting one in the slightest.

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I can tell you’re not a fan! :smile:


I found Jason Fung and a lot of excellent sources from members on Mosely’s web site.

He was here recently in Sydney on public radio and was enthusiastic when I rang in about keto and said “Whatever you are doing that works, keep doing”.

Keto hasn’t helped me lose weight, fasting has but I do not constantly negatively post on this forum.


The virus is known to enter via the ACE-2 receptor which lowers blood pressure, inhibits the cells from sounding the alarm to the immune system, replicates itself and then induces cell apoptosis. The virus also destroys red blood cells in positive blood types. All this occurs system wide in unhealthy people.

It would help knowing your blood type before I can offer advice.


I’ve enjoyed Michael Mosley’s tv presentations and self experimentation.

My mum is type2 diabetic. I’ve been suggesting low-carb to her for over half a decade. She ignores that advice. But she bought Mosley’s book and is slightly better for it.


The free chapter is in audiobook form as well.