MFP "friends" and accountability

(Charles Keezer ) #1

So I noticed that MFP allows you to enlist the support of others. So I find myself with out “friends” and this makes me sad! :cry:

So I might have taken some liberties and created a group. Wanna be encouraged when you have a rough day, or when you log 0g food during that extended fast? This is another way of doing it.

If this is not a good idea then admins let me know. I always find it better to ask for forgiveness than permission most times.

(Charles Keezer ) #2

5 min up and I already have a friend! So encouraging! :hugs:

(Luke Jeffery) #3

How do I get added to a group on MFP?

(Charles Keezer ) #4

(Kerri Hines) #5

There’s also a great group called LCD Low Carber Daily Forum that’s very active and not crazy. Not specifically keto though there are many, probably most…

(Pamela) #6

I knew you were familiar!

(Charles Keezer ) #7

Just as a heads up, I have no plans of doing any kind of blogging or anything. This is strictly for encouragement inside the app and is open to the public. There is more than enough chatting and so on inside this forum.

(Meeping up the Science!) #8

I always forget to MFP, but when I log in I’ll gladly cheer you on. Anyone feel free to add me, I’m BitterGrace.

(Richard Morris) #9

It’s kind of like the 2KetoDudes strava group … it’s not officially a 2KetoDudes event but if it helps people then I don’t have a problem with that. If it ever becomes an issue then @carl and l will just ask for the name to be changed.

(Luke Jeffery) #10

Thanks @Chuck. I’ve joined

(Kerri Hines) #11

Do you use the same name in LCD?

(Charles Keezer ) #12

I am not in that group

(Kerri Hines) #13

Sorry. I thought I replied to the person saying they thought I was familiar.

(Pamela) #14

Hadn’t been on there in a while. I used to lurk in there a lot. Never posted much. I learned so much from that forum.

(Insert witty quote here) #15

I think it’s a fantastic idea! I joined. :slight_smile: I have a REALLY hard time with follow through. I really want to follow a keto diet. It’ll be a really good motivator to have people shame me (in good humor, of course) in public. If anyone wants to add me as a friend on MFP, feel free to do so - michellembeach206 is my user name on MFP.

(Kerri Hines) #16

I’m glad to hear you found it helpful. I still participate in it more than anything else. It’s nice to feel like you “know” people. It’s weird feeling like a new kid around here. Lol