Metabolic Flexibility - Get Real

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This line to make the submission different from the last post I entered.

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That is actually a pretty good, open-minded review. I note that at one point they quote the Volek team’s latest study.

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Just curious. Why have/did you decide to use Complex Carbs for a TKD? Why are/were you consuming high fat and carbs at the same meal? Both violate traditional TKD doctrine. This is not a critique, I suspect we both have come to similar conclusions.

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Did you know that if you take a big dose of vitamin C while intoxicated (pref before) it will basically remove the ‘physical symptoms’? It won’t make you any less drunk. But slurring, lack of coordination, will generally be much less or resolve. Of course then you’re still mentally drunk and behaving like it in that way but people may not know you are since you aren’t showing the physical symptoms so much, which could probably lose friends. :slight_smile: