Menu Changes - What do you think?

(Joanna Mikkelsen) #1

5 eggs 4 T butter

1 can tuna fish mixed with 3 T sugar free mayonaisse

8 oz walmart barbecue rotissierre chicken with four cups green and 3 T olive oil

Please be kind, this is the strictest menu I have ever tried.

(Laurie) #2

Looks okay. I’m wondering though – any particular reason you don’t eat beef? I try to eat beef every day (along with eggs, salmon, etc.); somewhere along the way I became convinced it was the best meat for us.

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From the top.

Why all the butter with the eggs? I eat a couple of ‘butter’ poached eggs 3 or 4 times per week and use 10 grams of ghee each time. I also add bacon bits to help soak up the melted butter. I like butter, but…

Tuna is AOK, just not much fat. But why the mayo? Mayo is made from seed oils which don’t appear to be particularly healthy in anything more than incidental amounts. They contain a lot of PUFAs skewed to Ω6. You could just use some of that butter you’re eating with your eggs. Red palm oil also goes well with tuna. As does mustard and hot sauce.

Nothing particularly wrong with the Walmart rotisserie chicken other than chicken fat is also high in PUFAs. But 4 cups (!?) of greens? What greens, why? If you want ‘greens’ I suggest manzanilla stuffed olives instead. They also go well with bacon bits, mustard and hot sauce.

Like @islandlight I wonder why no beef. We evolved to eat ruminants primarily.

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #4

My mother, a nurse trained in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, used to say it was because beef had the amino acid profile that best matched the needs of the human body, and in the right proportions. Other meats come close, but not quite as close as beef, as I recall. So the idea goes back at least that far.

(Polly) #5

Hi Nohojojo
You say this is a menu change. What were you eating before and what are you hoping to achieve?

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Since I mentioned it above, here’s a couple of ‘large’ eggs (107.5 gr) poached in ghee (10 gr) and covered with bacon bits (15 gr). Cooked for 10 minutes in an ordinary tea cup in a covered pot of water so the top can steam. The water was just boiling, so the eggs are firm but not hard boiled. The bacon soaks up the butter most deliciously. :heart_eyes:

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You may find this helpful:


I had nothing useful to say first (“I wouldn’t eat like this but I see no clearly bad points so if it floats your boat”) but now I can try.

Yep, I am curious too, what are your goals, needs, is taste a driving force behind this menu? Maybe you know what are good macros for you…

I couldn’t care less about PUFAs, honestly (except I am curious and folks here talk about it so sometimes I listen. never choose my food based on it though) so I won’t address that.

It is very odd to me that you eat tons of added fat and lean meat but it’s probably your taste, you should get your fat from somewhere… If it works for you, fine.

4 cups of greens are a cute though very vague amount (how much air? weights are more imformative but frankly, it doesn’t matter. it’s a small amount of greens, good or even needed for some, bad for others), many people eat it on keto, fine if it works for you, again.

Yep, the mayo may be not ideal but I am not knowledgeable about it (I hate mayo and mostly buy ingredients anyway) and we can handle some not ideal food, it’s individual how much. Not eating some usual store-bought stuff would improve your menu but would it be noticeable and worth it? I can’t have any idea about it, it’s complicated as we humans all are.

Yep, I can’t be helpful, I don’t know if it’s great for you or not. My own keto in the past, the best I could do for me I guess would be teared into pieces here and I wouldn’t be surprised :slight_smile: Now I am all good, eggs and meat and minimal added fat but I like fatty meat. I don’t eat much beef either as it’s super expensive and I don’t even like it so much. My woe is still pretty good now, it seems skipping plants and adding meat does wonders in my case… I am open to beef in the future but we should do what we can under our own circumstances.
(My SO is cooking a big pot of beef stew right now but it’s a rare day :wink: And a cheap but still tasty cut. Yep, give some chance to beef - or mutton, I find that way more tasty but I have tiny experience with ruminant meat, almost never ate ate - if you like. But do what you can, I don’t know your taste and circumstances. I did keto without any meat for a long time myself. It was nice just too carby but without carbs, I needed meat… And it’s cool now.)

Maybe try some other, maybe fattier meat? Just try, don’t force. I often eat my eggs with slices of sausage or ham or fried liver (very various fat content. sausage fits the bill best but it’s me), that’s great.

(Jane) #9

What did you change and why?

Are you adding all that fat because you are hungry? Or because you think you need to for “keto”. Fat is not a goal and you only need enough to not be tired and hungry - especially if you want to burn body fat.

Carbs look good :+1:

(Laurie) #10

For those wondering what @Nohojojo (the original poster) ate previously, it’s on another thread, titled “Needing Help Confused.” Sixth post down.

(I tried to post a link, but couldn’t.)

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