Ménière's disease success stories

(Jeremiah ) #1

Ménière’s disease success stories Gods blessings to all my ketonian friends. I’m searching for any possibilities that a ketogenic diet and or fasting has helped cute this nasty disease?

(Richard Morris) #2

You’re in luck. Dr Kenneth Brookler wrote a paper on a case of Ménière’s that resolved with treatment for his insulin resistance


This patient’s otologic history began early in life with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss and tinnitus that segued into dizziness and eventually symptoms of Meniere’s syndrome in the right ear. Conventional medical management and use of the Meniett device failed to control his symptoms. Audiometry and electronystagmography identified the source of the symptoms as the right labyrinth. The etiologic evaluation identified the cause as inner ear otosclerosis and insulin resistance syndrome. Treatment directed at the etiology brought the symptoms under control.

You can see him speaking about treating the disease with Ivor Cummins (I’ve time stammped it at the bit about the disease).

Meniere's Disease => Low-Sodium Diet?
(Jeremiah ) #3

Richard thank you so very much for sharing this information. My brother of 32 just got diagnosed with this disease and is quite upset about it as would I be. I have hope it could possibly be a small light on truths that may refect and lead to greater truths. God’s blessings to you my friend! Hey is there a link to the video so I could send it? Thank you so very much!

(Jackie) #4

https://youtu.be/_-5gohctcJE Here is a link for the video. He has it time stamped at about 6:59.

(Jackie) #5

It looks like the link takes you right to the part of the video that @richard has time stamped.

(Richard Morris) #6

By the way, Dr Brookler will be attending Ketofest as a guest of Ivor Cummins, so I’ll ask him about resources for patients with Ménière’s disease.

In his paper he indicates that high insulin (hyperinsulinaemia) is the original cause (etiology) of Ménière’s disease, and the symptoms of the disease can be completely controlled through diet when traditional medical treatment could not.

I think that should give your brother great hope that a ketogenic diet will help to control his symptoms.

(Jeremiah ) #7

That would be totally awesome if you could ask a few questions at ketofest regarding Ménière’s Rich. I’d greatly appreciate it! God’s blessings to you today🙏

(Jeremiah ) #8

Here is the text my brother sent me this morning thought I’d see what your thoughts were…My ear actually feels back to normal today thank God! Hopefully this is over for now! I started on some Eastern medicine herbs yesterday and a super high antioxidant blend:


Did Dr. Brookler give us any tips at Ketofest for Meniere’s Disease?

(Richard Morris) #10

He said that it is an expression of insulin resisitance, and a ketogenic diet is the right treatment for that.

We are planning to have Dr Brookler on the podcast as soon as we can. I’ll ask him on the record for you.


thank you so much! If he has any idea as to why I might be experiencing more bouts of vertigo after 9 months strict keto. I am telling myself that it is getting worse before it burns itself out of my body once and for all! I posted another question about it today. I will be looking forward to hearing his interview so much! My A1C is down to 5.4 from 6.0.

(Richard Morris) #12

Well done on getting your HbA1c down. I’ll ask him about the specific timing of an intervention. Did you have any symptoms before keto?


Yes I got Meniere’s in 2010 and did not start a strict keto diet until December of 2017. Just in the past few months I have had more frequent bouts of vertigo/nausea etc. Wonder if my electrolytes are off? What sodium level would he recommend? Potassium? I take WP thyroid for Hashimotos, bioidentical hormones, am 58 years old 5 ft 6 inches tall 125 lbs. Don’t need to lose any more weight.

(Richard Morris) #14

I’ll ask him and see if he is wiling to make some comments.


Thank you Richard! There seems to be so little information out there for people with Meniere’s other than the conventional advice to reduce the salt in your diet. haha that does not really help. It is a hard disease. He is the first doctor I have heard who thinks a keto diet will help.

In the Doctor’s paper that you linked for us he says he put the patient on a diet— but does not describe the diet. Is it a ketogenic diet?

I currently follow a low carb high fat ketogenic diet. 20-30 carbs per day.


Does anyone have a suggestion for me with regards to my strict keto diet to lower my A1C from 6.0 to 5.4 (now). It has worked to lower my A1C over the past 9 months but I have been experiencing more episodes of the vertigo and nausea associated with Meniere’s Disease that I have had for about 7 years. I thought that my keto diet would heal pre-diabetes, Meniere’s disease and Hashimotos.

Lately I have been experiencing more vertigo episodes (about 1-2+ per month) and have wondered if my electrolytes are off?

I take WP Thyroid and a bioidentical hormone. I am 58 years old, 5 ft 6.5 " and weigh 125 lbs. I feel like the keto diet plus salting my food and putting a bit of pink himalayan salt under my tongue is a good plan but wonder if there is anything else I could do. The veritgo comes on even sometimes when I feel like I have had enough salt. I had less vertigo episodes when I was not at my ideal weight and when I was not eating a strict keto diet.

I am pretty confused because most ENTs say a low salt diet is the only cure for Meniere’s. The author of THe Salt Fix disagrees.

I would appreciate any insight you might have! Thank you!


I thought I would add my other post to this one for anyone who might have help for me with Meniere’s Disease.

Thank you

(Kate) #18

Have you had your fasting insulin tested since having the vertigo bouts? Mine have recently gone from non insulin resistant back into resistant (now I know due to pregnancy) and I have noticed I have had ear issues and a bit of vertigo again that I haven’t had for at least since starting Keto. I have Meniere’s in both my family as well as my partner’s family so my children we will definitely be watching if they have insulin resistance etc. Keto seems to at least have kept my vertigo at bay (when I wasn’t insulin resistant).


My doctor will probably question why I want my fasting insulin tested since she says I am no longer pre-diabetic at a 5.4 A1C. How would you get around that?

(Carpe salata!) #20

Depends on the Doctor, but some would respond well to taking that paper by the Doctor who found insulin resistance to be a big factor. Also, A1c doesn’t really define your insulin level, it could be still high but doing its glucose control well enough.

My doctor ordered some blood tests for me a while back and I said does that include insulin levels? He said, no because we don’t fully understand their significance and A1c is the important diagnostic number we want.

I later found he had written up the order to include insulin levels.

Fasting insulin was 4 ! I felt pretty good about that.