MCT oil TOGETHER with Apple Cider Vinegar - can I take them both?


(La Demoiselle De Brighton) #1

Hello there guys,
I have a question - I know about benefits of both products for metabolism and fat burning but, has anyone tried taking them both in the same day? ( not necessarily together in one go but just mct for breakfast ( pure C8 oil) and apple cider for lunch… would that improve benefits of weight loss or cancel each other out? couldnt quite find information on that online - most sited just talk about them individually… but noone speaks about what happens and can ne take them together…
Been on Keto for a month now , going well ,just tried Oil yesterday for the first time and bought some Apple Cider vinegar to try as well…
Thank you!

(Full Metal KETO AF) #2

Sounds like salad dressing to me! I don’t see any problem since both are keto friendly!:cowboy_hat_face:

(less is more, more or less) #3

Funny salad dressing idea!

However, whether both “are keto friendly” is another matter.

They are nice to haves, not need to haves. Marketers love to run roughshod over us with these two items.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #4

I’m not sure that I understand your point. ACV while not necessary is healthy when raw and zero carb. MCT oil is a keto standard but not necessary either so you’re right on that point. I agree that it’s a funny salad dressing idea but I was just thinking, oil & vinegar. I don’t see any controversy over eating them both either together or separate. ACV and bacon grease are a standard wilted salad dressing.

(less is more, more or less) #5

People who are new to low-carb may have the misunderstanding that you “need” such items to “get into ketosis.” I’m not saying that @LaDemoiselle_DeBrigh believes this, but given this common misconception, I’d prefer to err on the side of caution.

You don’t need them.

You can do what you need to do with everything at your local grocer.

(Scott) #6

I don’t know but I have this image of dropping a mentos into a Pepsi bottle for some reason.

(Annie Bakaleinikoff) #7

Umm…I’ve actually used MCT oil for salad dressing…and I always use ACV for salad dressing. It’s not so weird at all. MCT oil is great because there’s really no flavor, so the seasonings take a front seat.

(Cancer Fighting Ketovore :)) #8

I’ve adapted a salad dressing I found of Facebook: Ketogenic Cancer Diet.

1tbsp olive oil
½ tbsp Apple cider vinegar
½ tbsp water
… Then I add
1tbsp MCT oil

Only been doing it about 1 week, and mostly just at one meal. I can post some numbers later, if you want

(La Demoiselle De Brighton) #9

My question wasnt about if I need them , it was about if can use them together :slight_smile:

(less is more, more or less) #10

Details. :wink: It doesn’t sound like a delicious combination, though.

(Omar) #11

actually ACV should not be taken alone.

should be taken with meals or with saturated fat to prevent ACV from irritating the intestinal walls for people with IBS or the like

(James) #12

(Susan green) #13

I beleive what she means if they can be taken at the same time.Not in a salad together or in anything else together.Maybe mct oil in her coffee and later during the day acv in juice.

(Teb Tengri) #14

It’s not exactly MCT but usually get 4Tbsp of coconut oil in the AM and usually have 1Tbsp of 5% ACV in my morning citrulline, BHB, etc drink.

It’s the ACV, citrulline, BHBs, etc in about 8oz of water while the coffee brews, 1Tbsp coconut oil with 1Tbsp cinnamon mixed in, 1Tbsp coconut oil with 1Tbsp turmeric mixed in(washed down with black tea) then my coffee usually has 1-2Tbsp of coconut oil in it depending on how hungry I am and how hard I plan to go in the gym that day.

I’m in the gym an hour to hour and a half later and get no stomach issues and aside from just one of those “I’m sleepy and drowsy” days that everyone gets my energy is great.

(Bunny) #15

I have taken both together (MCT/ACV) in the same day everyday for a year, only thing about MCT oil is you want to be eating a lot of leafy greens with it in the same ratios or volume of organic cold pressed MCT’s so your gut microbiome is balanced out with the exogenous production of SCFA in contrast to medium chained triglycerides (MCT’s); the two must be balanced which I have also added or introduced resistant starch into my microbiome to help with that (production of SCFA’s) also.

Lots of science behind why I do it in this combination, it is carefully calculated according to the science.

My ACV and MCT intake do not exceed TWO TABLE SPOONS of each, a day.

If your high endurance person or athletic type, adding a couple of tablespoons of ACV to your salted water bottle will give you more power and energy like speed & endurance besides palmitic acids. Those three in that combination are like turbo boosters.