MCT oil almost killed me

(David) #41

This is one of the most interesting posts that I have found in so far as MCT oil and heart palpitations are concerned; thank you. I recently started taking one teaspoon full of MCT oil with my coffee. (I drink two cups per day but only took the MCT oil with the first cup of the day). I noticed that I was suddenly overall weaker on my rowing machine and, when out running, a distinctively weaker feeling came across my upper chest. When lying down and preparing for sleep, I was aware that my heart was irregular and, for no apparent reason, feelings of anxiety built within me. This all came to a crescendo last week while I was driving on the motorway. My heart was accelerating and my forearms became so weak that I could barely grip the steering wheel. I was feeling feint, too. I managed to get my car over onto a Lay-by where I rested until I felt confident enough to drive to a nearby Accident and Emergency centre. After a day of tests which include two ECG’s and three blood tests I was discharged, but the Consultant was unable to diagnose precisely what had caused my symptoms. Since returning from hospital I neglected to include MCT oil in my coffee and have been feeling absolutely fine…until today, that is. Having taking a teaspoon full this morning I am feeling absolutely jittery, my heart is all over the place - so to speak - and even though I am usually very calm and relaxed, I am feeling anxious. Needless to say I have just poured £18.00’s worth of MCT oil down the drain and will return to good old butter to fortify my morning coffee!! Thanks again to Robinette71 for the initial post - it has been invaluable to me!!

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Wow Raindown, lucky you found out the problem. Interesting how using food instead of the supplements has worked out better. I’m a fan of butter!
And Welcome to the forums!

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Thank you.

(Edith) #44

I got a “rush” from MCT oil, but is was not in energy.

One time I thought I would try some pre-run to see if it gave me more energy for the workout. I had to return home after the first 100 yards.

(Titus) #45

I have the same issue, coming from Europe, MCT oil causes me heart arythmia, which is very scary. When I stopped MCT no more arrhythmias. But my heart rate remains elevated by about 10-15bpm always, at rest or exercising