Mayo is making me nervous 😂


Uhh coming back to a low carb way of life… I know I need to keep my fat high but god it’s making me question everything :confused: today was day one and I was starving lol so I went a bit over board on fat and protein :pensive:… I’ll post my day here also but any insight on better options …

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So first reset your macro %
70% fat
25% protein
5% carbs
Also something doesn’t seem right if you had 4 slices of keto bread, mushrooms, eggs…that should have been at least 6 carbs

Also don’t worry about calories and it is almost impossible to over eat fat.

(Jessica ) #3

I am at the end of my first week, but I have noticed upping my fat intake helped. I cooked up bacon and kept in in my fridge. I would steal a piece and an ounce of cheese off the block if I was getting hungry. Maybe have some back up fatty snacks for a while until you adjust?

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Welcome back to LC :blush:, is this your first time keto?

For your first week take it easy on yourself, and make it through carb withdrawal (keto flu). Eat if you’re hungry and don’t worry about your macros other than keeping your carbs under 20 grams. Fat is your friend through withdrawal.

The forums community doesn’t push a specific macro %, specific protein grams, etc… we provide a guideline and ranges/science for you to determine what version of keto will work best for you. Start with:
Carbs: < 20g (Trace amounts)
Protein: 1-1.5g/Kg of Lean Body Mass
Fat: To Satiety

Refine this with links and details in the FAQ and topics/links throughout the forums
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Again welcome!

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also go easy on your mind…low fat and “mayo is bad!” has been what we’ve been told for sooo long…it’ll take your mind a minute to trust the opposite


I think cutting the keto bread would make your life a bit easier. I always find these kind of foods just make me want to eat more. As to the fat and protein, I wouldn’t sweat it in the early stages. Just get through the first month keeping your carbs as low as possible. Things will likely start balancing out then naturally like your appetite will probably start decreasing etc.

(Eric) #7

I like to take cheese and spread mayo on it and top with bacon. Still losing weight