Maybe a N=1 Forum

(Bart) #1

I was thinking a N=1 forum may be helpful. Members could post ideas for N=1 experiments. I am not necessarily saying that people need to post the results of their own N=1 experiment but rather the parameters of it. There are so many different ways we can test ourselves to help us understand how each one of use are going to react to foods, exercise, fasting etc. and we all may react just a little bit different. Along with the the parameters of N=1 experiments this forum may also provide information on what to expect, possibly unexpected side effects or results, alternative methods.

I have a precision xtra and the spendy little ketone strips and I find myself hesitant to use them like I want to due to the cost. I hunt around the internet to get ideas of what to do before I start to maximize the resources I have. There may be a way to gather the similar data that could be just as enlightening in a more economical way, or maybe there is a method that one should absolutely do one way in order to get the most accurate and useful data.

Just a thought.



Interesting! Like a hypothesis forum. I like it.


There is now and n=1 category under Progress