MARCH 2023 Maintenance Check In


And the month is almost over… I except WAY better from April.
I overate ALL month, of course not each and every day but usually.
My protein intake probably was 170g in average… I am so bad at minimizing it.
So I am just below 75kg as I was.

But I got stronger :slight_smile: My weights get bigger nicely. Some muscle groups improve slowly but I raised weight for all I actually train (leg is still problematic especially since I have a stationary bike, my legs are too tired to anything apart from normal things like walking since days now).

My core is still the worst. I don’t know how I can train it if I can’t do any exercises (the easiest ones, for beginners, of course) for more than a few seconds… Maybe I should train 5 times a day, that will be a few mins a day if I am lucky… So very unbalanced, I am.

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