Major problem with user id

(Debra J griffith) #1

I have been on here for a long time then one day, I forgot my password. I clicked on “forgot password” link but never got email (checked all folders). I tried over and over. Then tried to contact 2ketodudes but no reply. Finally had to rejoin with new email address! Wtf?

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #2

It’s possible it was sent to a different email. I sent you a private message and will add the other admin in case I am away from the computer. We’re sorry you had trouble.

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #3

Did you check your spam folder, or if you use Gmail, the promotional and update folders? On Gmail in particular, not every e-mail is visible in your main inbox. The other possibility, as @PetaMarie suggested, is that your current e-mail is not the one you joined with.

For future reference, no one but the forum owners (Richard and Carl) can see your e-mail address (this is a condition of the privacy constraints of European Community law). In cases of real need, we can try to get them to take a look, and they will be happy to do so, but they are often quite busy and it may take them time to respond.

Those of us on the admin staff can trigger a password reset e-mail, but that doesn’t help, of course, if you don’t know which e-mail account to be monitoring.

(Debra J griffith) #4

I’ve only ever had 1 email address. Hotmail since around 1995! Checked all folders. Nothing.
Oh well. I’ll just start fresh.
Just wanted to advise of problem.
Thank you.