Lunch with friends

(Germaine M Schweibinz) #1

I went out to lunch with friends for the first time in a couple years. We went to a BBQ restaurant. I ordered 1/2 of a smoked chicken. Everyone else got mounds of food. I hardly ate much of the chicken, it really didn’t taste good to me. I took the rest home to my son. Driving home I kept getting alarms from my CGM. When I got home, I checked my CGM and it was 200. My highest us usually 110. I called the restaurant and they told me they brine their Chicken in sugar!!! That was the first sugar my system dealt with since Jan /2018. My arthritis went into overdrive. Everything hurt and one of my knuckles was aching and it bent 20 degrees. I have been to my rheumatologist and he said it was the sugar in the chicken that inflamed my fingers. I can’t imagine what my body would be like if i wasn’t KETO?

(Stickin' with mammoth) #2

Wow, successful test of your emergency broadcast system. Now you know why I never eat out. Why does everything need to be laced with that crap?

Glad you’re okay, though.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #3

Because the fructose in it has the same effect on the nucleus accumbens (the brain’s reward center) as ethanol and heroin have. So it keeps 'em coming back for more.

(Stickin' with mammoth) #4

Yeah, yeah, I know, I was being rhetorical and bitter.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #5

I like that in a person! :+1:


I still can’t understand why certain countries like their meat with sugar… It’s crazy. It tastes so bad so why?

Oh well.

And we have a tiny (not noticeable) amount of sugar in processed meat (not all but most I guess) and many other things but at least meat doesn’t get a sugary coat… Or I don’t think it does, I surely never met that.
But people eat beef with canned sour cherry here, that’s the same to me, meat with sugar, ew!
(I only know a single dish that uses a tiny bit of sugar - sweetener in our household - and meat and I still like that… So I don’t understand myself either… I guess there is the amount of sour cream and mustard that makes these things irrelevant - and my mustard has sweetener too.)

(Marianne) #7

Wow; I would never think that, especially when you think you are making a healthier choice compared to bbq, which is straight sugar.

Keto has solved all of my aches and pains due to inflammation. Unbelievable that we can eat so well, lose weight and be healthy.

(Bob M) #8

That is very interesting. I used to brine chicken and pork with whatever brine the recipe called for, which sometimes had sugar in it. I always wondered how much of that went into the meat, as I never tasted anything. Apparently, a lot can go in.

Now, I brine solely with salt. And I’ve found the chickens we get from the farm don’t need brining (they are smaller, tastier then normal store-bought). And if you use the sous vide, this tends to make things like pork juicier, so you don’t need brine.

(Joey) #9

@Gms Woah, that’s a cautionary tale for sure. Thanks for sharing this unsettling turn of events - it’s a cautionary tale to others who are also hypersensitive.

(Allie) #10

Sadly this is extremely common, especially at a BBQ restaurant. Even supermarkets use brown sugar on their rotisserie chickens. I hope you’re feeling better soon.


Pork is so perfect it doesn’t need anything but salt if you ask me (of course some interesting spices may be welcome once in a blue moon, I like stews, I just don’t bother with it when it comes to pork. Beef stew is another thing). I can fry or roast it and it’s awesome…

I am in my specially strong Pork Appreciation Phase and I always considered pork the best thing ever, at least taste wise…

Chicken here gets roasted, often filled with carby stuff but sugar? Fortunately no one ever did that abomination near me.

Even if someone isn’t hypersensitive, sugar is clearly no good and as meat doesn’t need it, it’s sad it’s used.


wow. wild post. brine in sugar…ugh.