Lumen - let the conversation begin 😋


I think someone should void their warranty, open the thing up, and start taking pictures. Let’s see if we can find a debugging port on the darn thing and get a firmware dump. Then we can reverse engineer the heck out of it, and maybe make the darn thing useful.

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Correction: …Lipogenesis (lipid droplet storage) rather than lipolysis (extraction of lipid droplet storage)…

Typing too fast…lol

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For what it’s worth, I fired off this today:

Case summary

Subject: RER


I eat keto. I purchased Lumen in the hope that it would assist me to determine relative percentages of fat/ketone and glucose burn during various daily activities and in response to eating various foods. I find the scale of 5 arbitrary categories useless for me. I encourage you to make raw RER numbers accessible to the user. Is there any possibility of you’re doing this? Thank you.

Sincerely, Michael Wassil

Your case was created.

We’ll get back to you soon.