Low ketones after taking Pfizer


(Renato) #1

Hello everyone, hope you are having a great day!

I’m currently doing a ketogenic diet (with only 20g of TOTAL carbs) and chasing ketones for therapeutic reasons. I noticed right after taking my first Pfizer dosage my ketones plummed and I barely can maintain 0.5mmol/L despite doing it everything to support ketogenesis. I’m on the 5th day after the dosage and ketones still low.

Before the dosage, I was around 1-2mmol/L.

Does anybody have the same experience?


It’s not unusual for people to see a temporary increase in blood sugar levels after a vaccination so it’s possible that is what’s behind the reduced ketone levels. It shouldn’t last long if that is the cause.

(Renato) #3

Yes, that what I heard. I also remember Dr. Phinney saying, in one of his lectures, that they could tell when people were getting sick in the studies because their ketones plummed before getting sick, I hope that’s the case.

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