LOW Iron Keto recommendations

(Jefferson Millar) #1

Hi all - new to the forum.

I have a wonderful condition called Hemochromatosis, which means my body holds onto too much iron (as opposed to the more common Anemia issue of too low iron most are aware of). It’s a genetic thing, but one that can kill me if I don’t control my iron intake. Fun!

Anyway, I like and enjoy the Keto diet, and so wanted to see what recommendations folks have for good Keto food that is LOW in Iron. As much as I love my steak, it’s off the menu :frowning:

(Robert C) #2

I have iron overload but steak is not off the menu.

There seems to be two ways to deal with getting too much iron.

  1. Don’t eat things that have iron (very limiting).
  2. Eat things that inhibit iron absorption with foods that have iron.

Pork is pretty good for number one (much less iron than beef).

For number two, calcium in milk, eggs, cheese etc. all inhibit iron absorption - it is not how much iron rich food you eat but how much iron you absorb. A generous slab of blue cheese melted on your steak, maybe some creamed spinach made with cream cheese and a half a glass or whole milk will substantially prevent iron absorption (for a reasonably sized steak - not the monster steaks found at some restaurants).

Here is a site that indicates both what increases and decreases iron absorption.

(Regina) #3

Can people with Hemochromatosis donate blood to rid their bodies of some of the excess iron?


Chris Masterjohn does

(Laurie) #5

I’m not familiar with this condition. However, foods that are low in iron include cod, flounder, sole, plaice, salmon, trout, turbot, and snapper. For fat you can use coconut oil or avocado oil; animal fats are not recommended, and apparently olive oil has a fairly high iron content.

I urge you to check the above “facts” for yourself!

I eat quite a bit of fish. Meat from large animals (pigs, cattle) is supposed to be good for ketoers, but you don’t have to eat it.

(Jefferson Millar) #6



Donating blood is an excellent way to manage it. In addition, drinking tea either green or black with meals that have high iron content will inhibit absoption-the tannic acid is what does it. I just got a cookbook from amazon called “the hemochromatosis cookbook” you might find helpful. In addition, a website I read that is specific to this disease recommends tumeric and boswellia supplementation to decrease iron absoption. And avoid iron rich and vitamin c rich food intake together-vit c increases iron absoption. Inthink you can manage the disease and still be keto.