Love farm life when it goes well

(Geoffrey) #1

Just want to brag a little on our new baby born last night.
After losing a cow and calf earlier this season we were worried about this heifer but she did good. Little girl looks just like her daddy.


Oh how I envy you. :heart: What I wouldn’t give to be blessed with the land to do this. They look beautiful.


Oh congrats! I never saw a calf in this color :slight_smile: Quite spectacular.

(Bob M) #4

Very cool!

(B Creighton) #5

Oh. You have black eyes too?
Sorry, couldn’t help it. Congrats.

(Geoffrey) #6

That’s just wrong bro. Funny but wrong. :rofl:

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #7

And yet I’m pretty sure he’s going to milk that joke for all it’s worth. :cow2: