Lost close to stone and a half with no excercise

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Just making the observation above. Interesting I thought. I have spent years walking miles and miles, going on cross trainers etc and still putting weight on in the wrong places. At one point i was doing brisk walks for 3 hours per day. Started keto style and weight comes of whilst I sit still. Now when I go to the gym I lift weights and occasional 30 mins on bike

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And people say keto isn’t “magic”

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Something strange happens anyway.

Another observation I have made over the last week is that when I have a drink any full fat milk it tastes incredibly sweet. Almost as if I have added sugar to it. I never noticed this my whole life

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Our palates have become dulled due to the sweetness in everything…


haven’t had any milk- but what about tomatoes??!!


Yes, it’s amazing. Plus, don’t know if this is the case for you, but when I exercise I also become ravenously hungry! When I was doing running training (not seriously, just 5km a few times a week) I could easily eat 3 times my normal meals, lightening fast too.

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Yes, isn’t it fabulous!!!

It’s been a year and once in a while I will go to Planet Fitness and do two sets of the 30-minute workout, without the stepping (detest cardio). I was going like three times a week, but I have started to slack off. I feel better when I do it, but it doesn’t seem to have an adverse effect on my weight loss if I don’t.

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That’s great, @Ray2!


@gingersmommy I’ve just noticed the candle emoji - happy forumversary!



It was the same for me except with low-carb, not keto. I eat way less on a less carby diet so it’s nothing magical about it, my calorie intake dropped below my energy need and I was even more satiated as lower-carb has this effect on me. Many people are like this.
More exercise definitely helps a lot with my fat-loss, though, especially now that it hardly happens without exercise as I can’t eat that little longer term. Moderate exercise tends to lower my calories a bit, I need to do more of it… Others works differently. My SO always eats the same amount, no matter his activity level or food choices, he needs his activity even to maintain. I don’t. But my diet is very important if I want to lose fat (or just feel fine), exercise is secondary.

Taste changes are common too. I always felt the taste and sweetness of food items but I got more sensitive to the sweetness as I am not used to so much sugar now. It happened with all my family members who stopped eating added sugar (they still eat lots of carbs, natural sugar and sweeteners, still, they are almost at my level). The taste of food items is just like before except the sweetness. More and more fruits and vegetables became too sweet for me, it’s normal. And I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that people eat chocolate with over 50% sugar… Well, they eat almost 100% sugar stuff too… Chocolate is quite okay for me without any sweetener but if I add some, it totally must be below 10% and it goes lower and lower.
I don’t feel full-fat milk sugary sweet. It actually has sugar and it has some sweetness but it’s very subtle for me at this point. You probably eat less sweet stuff I do but it might be an individual thing, we will see, I make serious changes now.
Heavy cream is the sweet one. Once I made a pretty nice, sweet ice cream with it (I used some rum too, it might have some effect but it was mostly the heavy cream) - right after I stopped using sweetener each and every day. I felt it isn’t very sweet but it was perfect for me. No sweetener and very little naturally sweet food items for longer term, who knows what would/will happen? Or maybe my unsweetened “sweets” make a bigger difference, there are hints it to be the case…

It’s a very interesting journey for sure.

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Awww; thank you!


Feb. 19 is my actual ketoversary. It’s been great; best “diet” I have ever been on!