Losing muscle mass, fat percentage increases, yet on ketosis. Need advice

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This is why I suggest a photgraph of when you measure. It helps me get the same place.


Congrats! My home pants feel a tad tight but they are new and always felt a bit tight and I wore comfy ones lately so maybe I just stayed the same… But when I wore something regularly (or if I know something didn’t fit and now it does or the opposite), that is informative. Especially if I don’t wear it right after a huge meal with lots of liquid :wink:
Some people have very different water retention on different days, that may affect the waist too, IDK…


How could that work? I don’t think I could see much from a photo when the difference is little… :thinking:

But I wouldn’t take a photo anyway, not my style :smiley: I don’t care about small changes anyway. I want to lose my belly rolls and even when I was ~15kgs lighter and my waist was smaller before, I had those. Weighing and pants helped there (and there were some professional measurements as a tailor made clothes for the choir). Waist measurement is useful even if one actually gains a lot of muscle in a not very long time, something I have no chance for…

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I have a very defined waist so there’s really no mistaking where I’m putting the tape measure, just how hard I’m pulling on it. I try to be consistent, pulling it tight and then releasing it gently until it stops moving, but it’s easy to fudge it by half an inch. It looks like your measuring device would adjust and provide consistent tension.

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I like it for thigh and bicep measurments. The old way took two people, this is nice, same tension, locks in place, easy to read.

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Ah, yes, for arms and legs I can definitely see this device + pictures helping!

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My DXA was a home run yesterday after recovering from rotator cuff surgery last Sept 7. My pace of recovery eventually wound up being 3 months ahead of schedule. Keto? Fasting? something else? hard to say. I was lifting weights by the end of the second month. You can see how that played out here:

and my overall DXA from 2017 forward. The 2018 spike in BF was after retruning home from Carl’s backporch and hearing about all the wonderful health recovery stories and I said to myself, I can do better and quit nicotine.

The CDC stops charting BF% for men 60 and over at 17% as anything less is statisically insignificant. That is, my BF is 1% of 1% and that doesn;'t even account for muscle mass, which is very high, over 80%.

I agree with all of your points. I use the same machine. My cardiologist changed his tune about BMI with me, as well as Lp(a) being an unmutable number. My training regimen is pretty heavy. I never, EVER, go in to maintain or preserve. My goal every time is to hit a PR of some sort, to build or add muscle.

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Hey hey! Back on track!


Michael Jordan, when playing for the Bulls, had a BMI of 29. According to the charts, he was overweight and bordering on obesity. BMI does not distinguish between excess fat, muscle, or bone mass, nor does it provide any indication of the distribution of fat among individuals.

Being physically fit means your recovery time in general will be exponentially faster compared to the average person. I no longer lift really heavy. I got up to 2.5 times my body weight for squats a year ago. I still lift, but not so heavy. The main reason is that as we get older (over 50), the chance of injury is much greater with heavy weights, and our recovery when an injury occurs is longer than when we were younger. Our muscles are not as pliable as they were in our twenties. Recently, while lifting, I pulled a muscle in my back and was out for 3–4 weeks. I still lift and gain muscle, but without the heavy stress load.

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Getting there yes… and feel so much better for it! :smiley: :sparkling_heart:

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Once again I am an outlier. Rotator Cuff Surgery September 7th. By November first I was back inthe gym. By December I was lifting both arms and increasing weight. By January I was pounding it and in February hitting PRs…at 60. From Dr. Raasch’s report: Mr. Rhodes is 5 and half month status post right shoulder rotator cuff repair along with biceps tenolysis and labral debridement. He has progressed well in physical therapy. Presently he has increased his activity significantly. On exam today he has excellent range of motion. He has excellent rotator cuff strength and no discomfort with resisted firing. Jobe’s test is negative Hawkins sign is negative. At this point I will release him from clinic allow him to gradually get back to full activity. He will follow-up on an as-needed basis.

What did I do different besides Keto AF / Keto? Well besides those lean tissue sparring BHB, I fasted 48 hours here and there, I added high amounts of Vit C, Lysine and Proline all precursors to collagen. I got sleep.

I see so many people, men in particular who go into the gym to “maintain” and instead they lose. The only way, IMO and experience, is to go into the gym and conquer it daily. To push past yesterday. There is little sense in maintaining but every bit of sense in gaining.


Agreed. Many years ago, I was a runner. I found most runners run at the same pace and the same route day after day, year after year, and wonder why they don’t improve.

You may find this interesting:

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I ran marathons. For years. 100-120 mile weeks .Developed seven herniated disks as a result. the worse being 10 x 10 x 12mm into my L5-S1 sciatica which I was pronounced permently disabled. Of course they eventually got me jacked up on oxycontin at 300 mg a day. and I took well over 1 G a day at times, easily if not more.

I fired everyone. My wife and I came up with our own detox program. It worked. I then used engineering pricinples to realign and lengthen my back. I had lost two inches over the years and gained back almost an inch. I have documentation of all of this.

Attia? genralist. I rebuke him:https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/10378940/#:~:text=Our%20results%20show%20that%20denervated,improve%20the%20mobility%20of%20paraplegics.

study the people who actually have PhD in muscle growth:


or go back to 1996 :Effect on Age of Muscle Hypertrophy.

Bottom line. Lift heavy. Frequently. Add muscle live longer. Strength limits injury.

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How is your lip injury doing?


Have you come across Dr. Stuart Phililips or Dr. Schoenfeld ? Both are very good.

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Brad has very little against older athletes being less capable to my knowledge. He maintains that masters level lifters need better than adequate nutrtion. I am not aware of struart Phillips and will look into that.

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So a bit of bragging. My work in the gym paid off delicously as I was complemented even by old friends of how well I have improved my muscle mass, so in less than modest fashion I thought I would share my latest pic from the COSCI Conference this past weekend in Vegas.

It sucks being SIXTY LOL.



I don’t think anyone here complains about you bragging a little, with such photos :smiley:

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Thanks! Great wallpaper for my computer!

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Yes, all kinds of things can change your weight. I always weigh, and measure if I haven’t for awhile, first thing when I get out of bed in the a.m. Before I eat or drink anything, and definitely naked :wink: That’s pretty accurate for me anyway.

@gigimiu, welcome to the forum, I never started losing weight after my first month, pretty sure. The first month I had spent just stocking up on Keto-friendly foods, and ditching anything with sugar, or high carbs. Stick with us, you’ll get there :wink: Denise