Lori’s accountability thread


(mykittashi) #1

Hello! I fell off the horse during COVID and am finally getting back on. I haven’t been for blood work at the doctor yet, but have started taking measurements on my own. I purchased a copy of Dr. Westman’s page 4 and am trying to stick to that with the exception of some macadamias to get me thru hunger pangs while cooking a meal.

I resumed keto on 4/15/24. I took my glucose and ketone measurements on 4/17, but I can’t seem to access them in my app for the monitor; I recall glucose was 70. Measurements today, about 30 minutes after eating “brunch” was glucose 64 and ketones 2.6; GKI of 1.3.

A nurse I know looked scared when I told her about the 70 glucose reading, which was after about 16 hours fasting. I was feeling a bit shaky, so that’s why I decided to test then.

I am not Dx with Type 2, but suspect that’s highly likey since I gained so much weight in the last four years.

Do I need to be concerned about fasting glucose in the 60-70 range?

(Robin) #2

Hi Lori… I am just popping in to say welcome back. It’s never too late to turn back around!
I’ve never had this issue. but I’m sure others will be along soon who have knowledge and experience in this.

(mykittashi) #3

I’m mostly keeping calm and ketoing on. Had cravings for bread today, but I think it was due to not eating enough protein. I did not feel like cooking, so had cheese and nuts for dinner. I know I pushing my luck with staying in ketosis. Fasting glucose today 84 and I forgot to write down ketones.


This thread might be helpful for you. https://www.ketogenicforums.com/t/ketone-s-and-glucose/68061

I am not T2D, my BS level readings can go as low as 70 and I am fine. But everyone has differences.
If you are still seeing those low reading and feel good, then they are probably nothing to worry about.