Long stall finally broken - lessons learned the hard way


Love your candor and style. You’re down 42. Not bad – hope you keep it going!

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My daughter, while on keto diet, is eating too much cheese ( all kinds of ) including soft cheese, a lot of peanut butter & also dairy cream with sweetener Result is disappointing … gained an awful lot of weight sadly. She can’t control her craving neither any portion control.
I feel, people like her, who has no control over craving
& portion, should rather not be on keto diet. She also
does desk job so no exercise.
What do you people think?


I think sometimes starting with small steps is a good wy to get past some of the hurdles, I have started some friends on a step program, first of all start with sugar, then wheat, then the other grains, and start getting them used to more fatty meats. However no point going for fat adaption and the higher fats till the basic carbs are under control.
After teh major carbs are under control then try going for fat adaption and the carb restriction.

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Actually I started at 350. I was stuck at 330.


Many people just can’t do dairy and lose weight. It causes them to stall or gain (and ditto for sweetners), and in any case, if she’s eating a lot of dairy she can easily go over her protein and carb grams. If she wants to give keto a solid shot, she should probably try simple meals of meat/fish, low carb vegetables, fat to satiety.
Over time, keto should help a lot with cravings and satiety!

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Thanks! This is very helpful.

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Thanks a lot. Very helpful.

Could you please suggest how much fat & in what form one can take / day? Should she not exclude sweetener completely? What kind of veg shd one take?

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Artificial sweeteners trick cells, they don’t trick the brain. The brain tastes sweet and the brain thinks sugar. As many of us know when the brain tastes sugar it wants more, hence the cravings. Also, I’m not convinced that zero calorie sugar replacements are healthy in the least.


Hi, RC - I only have a sec right now so can’t give you a long answer, but basically it’s above-ground vegetables (but even with those she should track the carb content); probably safest to exclude sweeteners at the start just to help with cravings and to make sure she starts on a good track; fat should be animal fats or olive or MCT oil (also avocados, small quantities of low carb nuts like macadamia).
Best is if she reads the Newbie threads - there is so much good advice on here! - and maybe starts her own thread to give her stats and goals.

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What was your intake of the Stevia? A lot?

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Which Keto app do you use?

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I will say that I found that even heavy cream just bombed me badly! I was having some (without any sweeteners) in my morning coffee. I would just drag around with no energy, full of brain fog and not losing any weight. Once I read somewhere that butter is cream that has had some of the proteins removed, I started thinking about it. I’d known in the past that milk didn’t do well with me… so I switched to butter in my morning coffee and it was night and day! The FIRST day I switched, I felt entirely different and very soon started to lose weight. It can be ONE little thing. If you think that there’s a chance milk or cream is a problem, just try without it!

If something is a problem and you quit eating it entirely, you will also quit craving it and then quit even missing it!

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When the brain thinks sugar, it releases insulin, then whammo! You have low blood sugar and food cravings.

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Just found this re: artificial sweeteners…

Bottom line, artificial sweeteners alter the beneficial gut bacteria in the large intestine “induce glucose intolerance” which, for some people, can cause an increase in blood sugar responses which are specifically tied to changes in the bacteria on their gut. Frighteningly, it actually doesn’t take much of the artificial sweeteners to cause the gut Flora changes. Also, apparently each molecule of aspartame is metabolized into formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a carcinogen and there is no such thing as a safe amount inside the human body.
Also, the approval of artificial sweeteners has coincided with increases in conditions such as IBD and ulcerative colitis around the world.


Unless you aren’t insulin resistant and otherwise healthy. Then you may not.

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I made the decision to cut out all dairy - for the first time in my adult life - lost four pounds in four days and feel great. IBS D nonexistent.


Good for you. If I had to choose I’d give up sweeteners before dairy anyday. That would be a tough one. I’m so glad it’s working for you!

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First, your daughter having a desk job has absolutely NOTHING to do with it. I have a desk job, then come home and am in a semi-reclining position most of the night due to chronic pain /meds. The only exercise I do is 15 minutes of heavy weights a few times a week and 3-4 Zumba routines a week.

Second, did she come to keto from a a SAD? Is she shopping and cooking for herself? Young people like finger foods, things that are fast , portable, and that don’t take a lot of complicated prep. Maybe she needs some help with deciding what foods she can eat and what her macros should be.

Are YOU keto? From your questions, it doesn’t sound like it. If she is interested, I would be happy to PM with you and her to figure out a plan, try it, tweak it, and get her on track.

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Yes! I bought the liquid from Walmart. Squirt in every cup of coffee from 4 am to 3 pm…then dessert after dinner.

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