Long-COVID, immune disease, inflammation and the potential of nutritional ketosis



Signs and symptoms of “long-COVID” appear to be similar to chronic immune diseases and some autoimmune diseases. Long-COVID is the long term, ongoing, chronic disease effects that persist after the viral infection.

Symptoms can be manifest in difficulty breathing, recurrent fever, muscle pain, loss of feeling, loss of sense of smell, brain fog, slurred speech, fatigue, neuropathy, episodic fast heart rate, episodic low blood pressure and fainting, etc.

The section of the podcast (shared above) that highlighted something for me and the need to discuss this in the community was the bright, young general practitioner doctor saying she had jaw ache when chewing her cereal. Cereal. Surreal to a keto practitioner. But that is main stream reality. That triggered the often shared idea that modern allopathic medicine is good at treating acute emergency diseases such as viral pneumonia, but when it comes to chronic diseases they fail. That is compounded by these doctors being treated as psychological patients with their ‘mysterious’ symptoms that are difficult to measure.

Which brings me to the topic of nutrition as therapeutics. I think of the work of Dr. Terri Wahls and the immune protocol for treating multiple sclerosis. I think of Paleo Medicina in Hungary and their use of the Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet (PKD) and aiming for a high blood ketones to low blood glucose ratio as a data point and therapeutic measurement goal. Of course there is the use of the ketogenic diet in treating epileptic seizures. Many of us experience the lifting of brain fog and increased mental acuity. And there are many accounts of reduction of body aches and pains from the reduction of a generalised inflammatory state using the ketogenic diet. On the fringe there is also the carnivore or zero carb dietary approach, which has become to be regarded as a very good elimination diet s part of identifying personal food reactivities, another manifestation of over stimulation or hyper vigilance of one’s immune system.

I think there could be a link here between therapeutic nutritional ketosis as a complementary approach to helping people with long-COVID. I wanted to write it as a topic to start the sharing on this emerging disease state. And would be interested on any observations or anecdotes of perceived benefits.

This topic may be helpful for searchers and researchers in 2021 and beyond.

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Some good insight here. Lots to ponder.