Lipomas and keto

(Mary) #1

Has anyone got anything to report about keto having an effect on lipomas? As in, have yours disappeared, like skin tags and acanthosis nigricans?

I’ve got a large one on my back and would really like not to have it removed by surgery. Yes, I’m a wimp…


I have several of various sizes on my legs. Before I started keto in May, they were tender to the touch and quite noticeable as bumps. While they have not gone away, they are smaller and no longer tender. I have gone from 160 to 117 and thought that they would appear larger with less fat to hide in. My legs are much thinner now, but the lipomas are much less noticeable.
So, I would wait before you have yours removed. Am hoping mine continue to shrink.

(Mary) #3

Thank you for this, jeanbar. I was beginning to wonder if keto would do anything for them as I’ve been on keto longer than you have (Jan/18). However, I seem to be more insulin resistant than the average person (it took me nearly 9 months before I lost a pound) and have only recently started to lose weight. It makes sense that all the other keto magic will take longer to happen, too…

Good job on getting to 117 - in my dreams :grinning:

(Karen) #4

I have lipomas all over the place. I have not noticed that they have been reduced by keto at all. Sorry. Periodically they have to be cut out…mostly on my arms. No big deal. I look like a patchwork quilt. More concerning is not the ones that you can see, but the ones that are likely formed inside. Again they’re not reduced, and they’re not going away. Wish I had better news. Keto for a year.

(Bob M) #5

I have skin tags, and the numbers of them I get now are much, much smaller than I got when I was high carb. But I’ve been low carb for 5 years. And I have fasted 4.5-5.5 days nearing or over 10 times, plus have done many 3-3.5 day fasts, 36+ hour fasts, etc. They also seem to be smaller, so that I don’t do anything with them.

(Bob M) #6

In case you don’t know, skin tags are associated with insulin resistance:

While keto improves insulin sensitivity, it does not do so to the extent fasting does. Chalk up another benefit for fasting.

(Mary) #7

Thanks for this, Bob. Yes, I did know skin tags were associated with insulin resistance. I was hoping for a similar link between lipomas and IR.

(Doug) #8

Large effect on scars - almost totally gone, not raised above the skin anymore, can barely see where they were. Don’t notice any skin tags at all now.

But no effect at all on the one little round lipoma I have. :slightly_frowning_face:

(Mary) #9