Lily's dark chocolate chips make me sick! Literally



I blamed the chocolate chips, but it turns out that it was all due to a hernia and my small intestine being partially blocked.

So, I just wanted everyone to know. Also I went to see my doctor yesterday and he sent me for xrays, which showed nothing. Then when pain and discomfort increased, my husband took me to the ER. They did a Cat scan and then popped me onto the OR for emergency surgery. I got to keep all of my intestines and am recovering.

Please forgive my assumption that it was the chocolate chips. This is a lesson in just how far off the mark oumy conclusions can be and that I should be more careful.

End of edit. :grinning:

Easter Sunday I became very sick, and began vomiting violently from early evening until the wee hours of the morning. I thought I had caught a stomach bug. Nope. Foolish me.

I don’t know what moved me to think a serving of Lilly’s dark chocolate chips would make a good desert, but I did.

I just figured it out, because, I did it again last night . (It’s now 3 AM.) And, while I haven’t vomited yet, I feel as though I might and I have stomach pain and gas again.

These last few months I’ve been extra low carb eating mostly beef and eggs. I don’t know if a serving of those chocolate chips has too many carbs, or if it is the sweetener. Or possibly the inulin (corrected)I just noticed is added to the chocolate.

Anyway, no more Lilly’s for me. Ever. This will teach me!

Anyone else do something like this or am I alone in this reaction?

(bulkbiker) #2

I’m hoping you mean inulin… otherwise Lilys are including the “cure” for diabetes in their creator of diabetes!

(Allie) #3

Inulin makes me sick, I have to avoid it.

(Diana) #4

Thankful my effects aren’t that bad…but for sure some bloating and gas.


Unsweetened Cocoa, Inulin, Dextrin, Erythritol, Cocoa Butter, Milk Fat (rBST Free), Organic Soy Lecithin, Sunflower Lecithin, Stevia Extract, Vanilla Extract

Ingredients are kinda icky on the sweeteners. Inulin, Dextrin, E, soy lecithin, sunflower lecithin-----------you could be reacting a bit to soy lechthin with digestive issues it is known to cause etc.

yes, you nailed it. don’t eat that again :slight_smile: :slight_smile: now ya know tho so that is good, sorry ya got so sick on it!


The Erythritol has similar effects to maltitol and xylitol - all sugar alcohols. Gas, stomach upset, diarrhea, etc. Combined with the inulin, its a double whammy.


You are right! I made the correction. :smile: Thank you!


These ARE all ingredients I usually avoid. Not sure why I thought they would be OK with chocolate! You are right. All those are kind of icky. And I generally avoid anything soy like crazy.

(Bob M) #9

I also have found that I have to avoid Lily’s chips.

I haven’t figured out what it is, though. I seem to be able to have Erythritol in certain things and be OK.

I’ve gone back to eating sugared chocolate/chips.


hey ya tried LOL why not? Who doesn’t love a choc. bar ya know. But at least you know your reactions and got some info on you and what to watch out for :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Sweeteners do all kinds of icky to me and believe I tried to use them long ago :wink: but in the end, the bathroom issues one just can’t stand so yea, I dropped all that stuff :rofl: I paid my dues with that junk too :skull_and_crossbones:

I would rather have an all natural 90% dark, which is like 11g for 3 squares and it is just ‘real stuff’ vs. trying to get more choc. food and ‘net carbs’ and thinking fake sweeters are gonna save us. Those fake sweeteners are scary mostly LOL


Because most very processed food has this and way worse. If someone’s only goal is eating less net carbs, it sounds good.

I personally not super against any of the ingredients but avoid half of them because why would I eat them? Doesn’t make sense. Cocoa, erythritol and vanilla flavor is things I use myself. Cocoa butter is fine, milk fat - it depends but I can’t be choosy with the sources of my food as much as I wish anyway… I have no idea what inulin is, or dextrin… My body could handle these all if I would be super tempted for a taste once but I surely wouldn’t start to eat such stuff regularly. But I started to make my own things ages ago and I am choosier than many…

So of course popular food industry stuff contains these more or less weird things. If the target is some super health-conscious group, that’s different but normally they use dozens of ingredients so if I forget about myself and want to buy some snack, I just read the list and it effectively turns off my desire to buy it :smiley:


Yes, I love chocolate, but usually make my own using cocoa butter, baking cocoa, and liquid Stevia.

My insides feel battered and bruised. Well, I guess it could be something besides the Lilly’s chocolate chips, but I strongly suspect them because of the second go at it. :grinning: I suppose I could have some awful bowel disease. Hope not!

(Bob M) #13

So, my wife for Easter got me a chocolate bar (only 70% – sorry) that had “browned butter”. It might have been the best chocolate I’ve ever had (except I like a Mexican chocolate, stone ground, that’s great, but different).

Has me thinking of adding browned butter or just butter to my home-made stuff. Not sure how to do that, though.

(Bob M) #14

I think this is it:

Expensive, too.

But interesting enough I might try adding butter to my next batch of homemade chocolates.


If my gut didn’t still hurt so much, that would sound/look good. :grinning:


Nah LOL you are fine.

the ‘eat this great product’ drew ya in and ya got murdered LOL

if you make your own choc. and you do well on it, yea do that again :slight_smile: if no troubles then life is saying-----make food that suits me and don’t buy ‘whatever the heck’ they are doing to it :wink:

we all walk thru the crazy of some products we buy that kill us and think holy cow :roll_eyes: hey there are more out there that might set well wtih you so be vigilant at all times and learn thru them :+1:


not a bad product at all when one wants ‘real’ vs no fake sweeteners but again, with ALL additions, LOL, be warned.

as we all know we can all lie to ourselves to get the sweet/carbs back and many of us have done just that :slight_smile:

so everyone…use caution on what you can do and can’t do


Sometimes I add butter to chocolate. Usually when I use my SO’s harder one with too little fat to my liking and I even want to make it runnier and a bit tastier to pour on something… I just melt the chocolate and the butter and mix them, they don’t seem to have problem with each other.

(Bob M) #19

Do you think it would survive in my kid’s lunches? That is, would it be too soft at room temperature?

I assume too much butter would make the resulting chocolate too soft, but I don’t know what the ratio would be. Certainly, the cacao butter I use is super hard at room temperature, and the normal chocolates I make (just cacao, cacao butter, sweetener, vanilla, salt) are actually too hard if you take them from the fridge. They need time out of the fridge.

I guess I’ll just have to make some with butter and see what happens…

I’d try the browned butter, but I’ve only tried to brown butter once, and I remember it being tricky to make. I’m also not sure my kids would like it.


My chocolate melts at normal room temperature. Even the one with the highest amount of powder in it :frowning: As I use coconut oil as a base. Cocoa butter probably helps a lot but I only used a little back then and probably it melted too. So no experience with high cocoa butter content (whatever that means. mine had really little as it was so very expensive and we liked the almost-chocolate without it anyway).
Butter is soft at room temperature too so that doesn’t help…

Do you put your chocolate into the fridge? I don’t. All of our versions are very hard in winter and soft, even melting on the hottest summer days.