Nope, it wasn't the dark chocolate chips as I thought, it was a hernia! I WAS WRONG


(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #21

I used to melt unsweetened chocolate, add butter or heavy cream (pretty much the same thing), and a small amount of erythritol. Makes for a nice snack. The added fat makes the result a bit softer, as well as tastier, but just how soft depends on how much fat. I only make enough to fit in an 8-oz. dish, which is four rectangles of Baker’s chocolate, plus other ingredients added by eye.

These days I don’t go to the trouble. I just eat a serving of the chocolate straight from the box. Funny how tasty it is, when a few years ago I thought it was so bitter as to be inedible!

(Pete A) #22

The only chocolate I need. 4 squares a day!

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #23

My favourite!


I have a dessert where I mix chocolate with whipped cream. That’s very fluffy and nothing like chocolate (well I use a lot of whipped cream :D). Cream (we don’t exactly have heavy, just whipping cream, 30% fat) is too watery, it never made it nice. I very much into fatty chocolate so no wonder butter is different to me than some watery stuff. I actually tried to make something like milk chocolate but it’s hopeless, I can’t do that with anything.

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I personally don’t mind high percentage (though not 100%) chocolate, but my kids won’t eat that.

I modified a recipe that uses cacao and cacao butter to add more cacao butter, to decrease the intensity of the chocolate. The kids liked it. It was a bit hard, though. Thus, the addition of butter might help.

As for cream versus butter, more people seem to have trouble with cream than butter, and butter to me seems to have a higher fat content, which I think is better for this application (pieces of chocolate). Like this I guess:

It’s too bad we can’t get a lot of those creams. Well, we CAN, they’re just expensive.


It’s amazing how different butter and cream is. Last time I forgot for a while that my kitchen machine whips the cream in no time (just a few seconds while it needs a lot of time when I whip egg whites and I usually do that with it)… And it made butter. It tasted like butter and nothing like cream, those flavors went to the liquid part. Just like ghee is tasteless, I never will make it again but butter is somewhat tasty, subtly but it has a nice flavor (therefore the leftover part after ghee making was super tasty and sweet, no surprise here).
I like the whole family :smiley: And I consider mascarpone a fatty cream and use it like that when in emergency. It’s good in coffee, I just have to make it soft first. (So it’s odd to me when people mix mascarpone with whipped cream. They are nearly the same to me, yeah, one has fat while the other has air but I don’t care about that, both are creamy :smiley: I am not always good with subtleties.)
And in a few cases I even can use sour cream instead of mascarpone but that’s a very different thing and sadly, don’t suit coffee or cocoa :smiley:
Dairy is fun. And I do no-dairy again… But not for very long.


So you already felt like crap prior to eating the chocolate chips?


I had eaten some of Lilly’s chocolate chips on Sunday afternoon, after our main afternoon meal. I began feeling discomfort in my digestive track, which continued to become worse as the evening went on. By around 6:30 I became vomiting violently.

We all ate the same food, except for Lilly’s chips. I thought I had just picked something up (and perhaps I did), but after consuming some yesterday evening and getting more pain in my intestines once more, think it was probably the chips. This time, instead of vomiting, I have had diarrhea. But not bad.

But who knows. Perhaps I am sick with something. Not 100% sure, but strongly inclined toward the chocolate chips.