Like button gone

(6dfd90c9649c52b21af2) #1

Help. I can’t like others posts or comments to my posts as the heart symbol is not there anymore.
Am I in a new membership ‘category’ or has something gone wrong?

(Chris) #2

You’ve never given a like from this account. @devhammer it’s possible you might have accidentally created a second account without knowing it?

(6dfd90c9649c52b21af2) #3

Oh. What should I do? I had to upload my profile pic several times so it ‘remained’. It’s changed my user name to a weird long name. I only use my iPhone here so not sure if my profile is corrupt or things just went wrong in site. Should I delete me and rejoin?

(Ethan) #4

You seem to have gone into an anonymous mode. Your username is now a hash or something

(Bob Johnson) #5

You probably changed your profile to “anonymous “

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(6dfd90c9649c52b21af2) #8

Wow - how did I do that? Operator error I’m sure but don’t know why/how

(Bob Johnson) #9

I did it once before. I’m looking now to see how I did it. I’ll post back with directions unless someone beats me to it.

(Doug) #10

6dfd90c9649c52b2 has a certain ring to it, though…

(6dfd90c9649c52b21af2) #11


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(Bob Johnson) #13

Ok, found it, I think. Click on your avatar pic in the upper right hand corner. The second to the last icon on the top row next to your name, , click on it. Looks like a circle slash I think. Makes me think it is for deleting. But will change you back to normal.

(Sue Heelan) #14

Thank you so much. That worked.

(Bob Johnson) #15

You gotta love devs that assume everyone thinks the same way they do. I’m referring of course the the web devs of this particular forum software, not the mods or the keto dudes. They all rock!

(Bob Johnson) #16

Looks like hex to me.