Light headed/ Brain fog

(Brett) #1

I have been having brain fog/ lightheaded for the last 10 days. i started keto mid november and after the initial flu my mind was sharper than ever, and felt like an animal at work. i was having ghee, coconut butter in espresso in the am to start the days, was getting up at 430am to work out before work. I was not taking and sodium/mag this whole time. I fell off Keto new years day and have felt crappy since, i also had changed my macros to calories 1566,p-125,c-net 20, F-107, i also started a 5x5 weight lifting program 3 times a week. I also started drinking throughout the day a tbs of calm for magnesium, 1tsp for salt, 1/2 tsp for nusalt. i was also taking calm in the evening before bed. i apologize as i am not at home to provide the amounts in each item consumed. during this time anytime i used the strips to test for ketones it was negative or very very small. i have since changed macros back to how they were before and have quit taking in extra sodium/mag in the hopes this fog will lift and i will feel better. any input would be great.


after falling off the horse, you got back on again, but changed a bunch of stuff, like macros, weight lifting, electrolyte supplements. why not just restart the regimen that worked for you before new years, and slowly change one variable at a time to see effects?

(Brett) #3

working on it, was wondering if anyone else has run into similar symptoms, as the brain fog is making it hard to work. thanks.


When falling out of ketosis and getting back in, brain fog is definitely one of the effects; it will sometimes take me 24 to 36 hours before I feel that clarity again.

Although I can’t say with 100% confidence that concentrated MCT oils like Brain Octane and the new KetoMCT make the brain fog go away since I don’t get out of ketosis much, I can say that when I’ve added these at times when I’m feeling some brain fog, such as blood ketones in the 0.5 to 1.0 mmol range, they really seem to help me.

I’d also recommend going back to your previous routine until you re-stabilize.

(Brett) #5

thanks, am feeling a bit better today still not at 100% as had jet lag yesterday. was wondering if i had taken to much salt/mag and made me feel this way. my BP had jumped up a few days when i was taking the mag/sodium/electrolyte mix.

(Matthew Hughes) #6

Yeah I’d tend to agree with @BillJay if you fell out of ketosis then getting back into it will cause some fogginess for a little bit.

Are you tracking everything you eat?

The Ketostix can be a little deceiving because when you are keto adapted your body is going to be creating and using most of those ketones so they wont be showing up in that test.