Lichen Planus?


Having Scalp Psoriasis and Sebhoriheic Dermatitis, I’m in a lot of different sucky skin circles and forums, and as you’re aware, our diets influence this stuff huge! I’ve had more luck with both diet and normal supplements than I’ve had with a LONG list of meds and steroids over the years, to the point where unless you knew what you were looking for, or where to look, you wouldn’t notice really that my skin isn’t right, vs prior where you could spot it from across a room.

If she hasn’t done it, she needs both a food sensitivities test, and a stool/gut biome test. Knowing what foods piss off your gut/intestines, and what foods cause an immune response, are needed if you’re going to get around it with diet.

I can tell you, again from being in multiple forums for skin, no shortage of people find out and talk about Carnivore because they read about it doing things for others, and almost nobody sticks with it, like literally almost nobody. It’s just too damn restrictive. Being the meat eating lunatic I am, I was ALL about it when I tried it, made it a couple weeks and almost lost my mind. 4yrs of Keto which is hard enough for the masses was easy, Carnivore drove me nuts.

If she could do it long enough for that light bulb to go off and make her aware that food has a huge hold on this would help, but she’s still be left with not knowing why, only that when she eliminated almost all foods it helped, that’s why the testing is so important. Way easier to pull out the specific things you know your body isn’t happy with, rather than going nuts and pulling almost everything.


That’s EXACTLY the problem, no shortage of people with AI issues now that didn’t prior to COVID vaccines, and also a lot of people with blood sugar control issues that are (were) Pro’s at keeping it under control for years or decades prior can no longer do it. Those things play with our Biology in ways we haven’t got good at yet, when you break the rules, the rules no longer apply, and sadly in many cases that goes along with how to fix stuff as well.

Without question, mRNA vaccines are going to be the future and replace the way we do them now, and it makes sense, but they weren’t ready and forced on people under fear and threat, and now look what’s happening! I’ve seen that one EXPLODE on the skin forums I’m on ever since, whether it be people developing AI skin issues they never had and conveniently did after that, or the inability to control it after the fact.

Luckily, skin care meds are expensive, which is bad, but also good, because then there’s incentive to develop more than can address things that current ones can’t. Plus, always throwing steroids at a problem isn’t a fix.

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Good point.

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Excellent advice as well. I’ll talk to her about those tests.


If it helps, Everlywell does the Food Sensitivities test, and Viome can do the gut/stool. Both DIY at home tests and mail to the lab, both allow you to use HSA/FSA money for them.