Let's talk Keto NSV

(Cathie Condon) #1

Hello my Keto Universities. One of my favorite Keto shares are hearing about all the Non Scale Victories. Not only are they inspiring but make me thing “oh yeah, me too”. NSV are an amazing measure in the almost miraculous healing of Ketogenics.
In 13 months of Keto I’ve only had indigestion twice. Both times after a lunch salad.
Arthritis in fingers and hip gone.
Advanced Rosacea gel goes unused.
Enough from me. What about you?

(Bart) #2

I went from being addicted to antacids to 0 incidents of indigestion since going keto. It is my favorite NSV. I always blamed the spicy things I ate. I loved hotsauce but thought it was causing indigestion, when in reality it was carbs. I can now douse my food with as much tapatio as I lilke and have 0 issues. Thank you keto.

(charlson.melissa) #3

Huge decrease in depression, more energy/less tired, better sleep, decreased hip pain, better skin, and now that I’m IF a smaller grocery bill!