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My hair is still falling out. 8 months in now. I read this is temporary (whew), but also read it is most common in the 1st and 6 months. I asked ya’ll about it a month ago, and as a result have added keratin, biotin, iron, b complex. (My supplements are have taken over!) Today I am going to start tracking my food intake again, to make sure I am getting enough calories. I KNOW I stay low on carbs… but maybe not eating enough. Any other ideas?

I just tracked my last 2 days of eating, and I am significantly too low on calories. I’m gonna run with that info and start tracking every day again. Otherwise, I am too easily satisfied with too little food. I guess this is a good problem that I can take care of.

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Yep, collagen.

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Hmmm… I never experienced hair loss, but I think I had thicker growth with a collagen supplement, which is why I proposed the idea. Laura Spath did a video on her experience with hair loss and regrowth on her YouTube channel. She is carnivore, and I can’t remember if her hair loss started when she was still doing regular keto or had already started carnivore. I’m not carnivore myself, but maybe her experience can help :woman_shrugging:

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Thanks, I’ll watch it. I have/had very coarse and thick hair, so I’m the only one who knows how much I’ve lost. But, I just edited my original post to say I went back and tracked my last few days feed intake, and I am way too low on calories. macros are fine, percentage-wise. So I am going to start there. It’s just too easy to go without food on keto. So I guess I will go back to tracking every day, and will be sure I eat enough calories. LOL. My pre-keto self would be shocked at having to make myself eat!

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Hair and nail growth are a couple of the non-essential processes that get cut back on when the body is in famine mode. The reproductive system is another one to be cut back, on the logic that we can’t take care of children if we don’t have enough to feed them.

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Might also have your thyroid checked.

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Have you done a search on the forum for hair loss? I know a few years ago I went through the same thing. I really had to up my nutrient intake. Fat does not have a lot of nutrients. If 70-80% of your calories are from fat, that does not leave a lot of calories to get the majority of your vitamins and minerals, especially if your quantity is low.

If I can find my post, I’ll link it.

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Thanks for this. I’m hanging in there. still losing, but has slowed down, I think. I try not to obsess. I’m taking pretty much ALL THE SUPPLEMENTS. And I’m trying to up my calories. Who knew that could ever be hard to do! I see some baby hair coming in, so I’m trying to simply KCKO.


Your thyroid (T3 particularly) may have dropped significantly due to being ok keto + eating too little calories. If you haven’t been getting enough iodine, zinc or selenium in your diet ( needed for production of thyroid hormones), that could have dropped your thyroids even further.

Might be worth checking it if it persists. If it’s not the thyroids, could be a nutrient deficiency but will need tests to confirm which.

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Thanks for your input. My thyroid recently tested fine. I do take iodine. Not the others tho. I’m hoping that increasing calories will do the trick.