Less and less hungry


Is this really possible?
Less or none of the old cravings.
Day 32

(Allie) #2

Yes, one of the benefits of keto.

(Jane) #3

Agreed. Major benefit of

(Bob M) #4

I went on Atkins multiple times before finally staying on. One of the things I noticed every time was that I would be somewhere or driving somewhere, and I was not hungry. I always thought that was odd, as eating a high carb diet, I was always hungry.

(Went on Atkins multiple times because back then I thought I had to eat carbs for exercise.)


It happens, yes. Some have it earlier, others need to wait for fat adaptation… And even then, lowish-cal or lowish-protein or just not well chosen food may cause bigger hunger… But I never got back that sharp, demanding one I had before fat adaptation. That is great. I have cute, soft hunger now and sometimes I am not hungry at all, just feel the need to eat.

Good against cravings too, yep. Especially when my plant carbs are very, very low. That’s almost magical. But I only had a few problematic items on my original keto, I actually used “keto days” before I could do keto to fight my chocolate addiction (after I learned to make a nice one and we had a jar of it all the time).

(Rebecca ) #6

Yes, very true!


As noted already, yes. What is hunger other than your body’s signal that it needs some energy intake? Think of it this way: every pound of stored fat on your body contains 4086 calories of energy! So even a relatively ‘thin’/‘normal’ person has lots of stored energy just waiting to be used. Eating the standard approved diet (SAD) prevents using that stored energy. But as soon as you reduce insulin by eating less carbs - and ultimately keto - you free up all that stored energy. Reducing the amount of carbs you eat makes you more ‘metabolically flexible’ because it enables you to tap into your own stored fat energy. Thus, for example, if you need 2000 calories per day to live your life comfortably and you consume only 1800, the other 200 will come from your stored fat. No fuss, no bother no hassle. You won’t even notice. It will ‘just happen’. So-called ‘fat adaptation’ just means it happens more easily and more efficiently.


This happened to me very early on in my journey also. The next thing that happened was that my body started to really let me know when it just didn’t want food by responding with a little stomach upset when I tried to force it.

So, I’ve reached the point where I eat when I’m hungry, don’t when I’m not, and never try to force it. It seems to be working really well in my case. I hope that it does the same for you.


I like a cucumber and avocado salad. It is now very filling for me when at one time l couldn’t imagine a salad without crunches.
I use olive oil with 1 tblspn Walden Farms Balsamic dressing. I know the purists will nix that dressing but l actually love all the flavors and l don’t use very much.


Possible, yes, but make sure you’re eating enough. No appetite is only a good thing when the baseline was over eating. Otherwise, it’s a bad thing.


PS: I should mention that I haven’t been hungry (aka ‘carb hungry’) since I started keto 5+ years ago. My experience of ‘keto hungry’ is quite different - it’s just a very gentle reminder that it might be a good idea to eat something, but it passes quickly whether I do or not. Because I do not experience hunger, I remain very aware of - and track/measure - what and how much of it I eat every day. I built a spreadsheet and database of foods to do it and I find maintaining them both interesting and minimally intrusive. It works for me. My overall weight and body comp have not changed by more than +/- a pound and % for 5 years and pretty much match my weight and body comp at 18. I’m also quite healthy and active for my age (77). So I’m satisfied.


Interesting. My proper hunger doesn’t go away, it gets more and more insistent (well okay if I wait for days, it would go away).
My not real but very hunger type feeling goes away and it was very new as I didn’t have that before keto. I rarely waited after getting even remotely hungry but it happened sometimes and my hunger just got worse and worse. But fat adapted hunger isn’t just softer and more rare, it can go away when it’s not a real need. It’s never fully invalid, I am always well-fasted at that time, it may be considered a warning I will need food in the next 10 hours… But it may go away for a while.
And keto brought the hunger that was actually pleasant, interesting, not pestering me to eat. It’s rare but fun. It always progresses into a more and more uncomfortable feeling but I have TIME. Not the old “FEED.ME.NOW” sharpness hell. IDK when I lost it, 6 years ago? Doesn’t miss it. I accidentally have more urgent hunger even now but it’s way softer so I still have some time.


OH YEA it is and I love it too!!

Hormones healing.
Body detoxifying off crap icky foods.
Body is repairing its issues on real good foods.

The ol’ body is changing to just better and better and one sign of good health is a more normal relationship physically with our ‘good foods’ vs. the crap intake we used to have, that sugar driving us to insanity!

More power to you and more better to come!