Lemonade ingredients is this ok?


Water/ice/Stevia/ Real Lemon - 100% real lemon juice (in a pinch?) I know you purists will say use REAL lemons…but how much damage will it do? I’ll need to check homemade lemonade recipes.

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I’ve used Real Lemon for my lemonade with no problems. It’s not as tangy and sharp as fresh but it does the job. They also have lime.


Great thanks. I just want to get away permanently from the stuff with added ingredients.


I am very, very sure that all of us use way worse things in our life and I don’t even know Real Lemon.

It’s not good to worry over every tiny things, you can’t do everything perfectly anyway, not even food wise. Of course, we should thrive to do it well… But at some point it causes more mental harm than any possible good and it’s just a blip among the bad in our life anyway… And it’s somewhat mysterious how harmful things are, there is an individual factor and our body actually can handle a tiny non-ideal stuff well. We just shouldn’t overwhelm it.

I always use real lemons as that’s super easy for me but a tiny something else can’t make a noticeable difference unless it’s some super bad stuff and that’s unlikely. Or if someone is sensitive. (I am sensitive to the aftertaste of most sweetener so I would skip stevia but I consider it okay healthwise and if you like the taste, good for you :))

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You’d lose that bet. Some of us have become very clean and careful because we suffer terribly if we don’t. For many

keeps us alive. Because our bodies can’t

and just one slip can


you reference so blithely is a life and death situation for some. And we don’t receive nearly the level of respect the peanut allergy people have finally managed to garner. There’s few things worse than living with a debilitating invisible condition that forces you to navigate a sea of indifferent nonbelievers on top of your triggers.

I applaud @realmuse 's quest for health and happiness. And I honor everyone else out there who may be suffering silently. Keep going, it’s okay, you’re strong enough to do this and you’re worth the effort. Ignore the peanut gallery, pun intended. We got your back.


NON Purist here, real life answer is it’s fine!


Yes, of course, it’s very known about many substances. Those are special cases and I still often address them as I often think about those.
But if someone asks if they should eat eggs every day on keto, you start to think about people who are allergic? People surely know that about themselves.

And I saw nothing in the ingredient list that is nearly such a common allergen as eggs. Very few people are allergic to water, stevia and IDK about Real Lemon but the OP seems to know it.

I honestly don’t see your problem but fine.

EDIT: I have other thoughts. Oh yep, maybe not ALL of us, probably yes though, it’s very unlikely it’s not true but yep, it’s a tiny possibility, my bad (though I am really sure all of us used generalization in less probable cases :slight_smile: I am usually super careful due to my interest and knowledge to special cases. So I wouldn’t ever say 1000g carbs a day isn’t perfect anyone as surely it is for some.)

So. If we are so very careful about minorities, why the ones who overdo these things are an exception? It’s especially good I adressed that then though it’s possibly not needed at all in this case but how could I know? Some people worry way too much about tiny things and THAT easily causes bigger problems than just eating the otherwise useful stuff even if it’s not totally ideal (not like many things are). Our body handles a lot and it’s great as we can’t avoid a lot of things. I didn’t and don’t talk about dietary things only. Stress, pollution, free radicals (sports make them)… Trying to eat perfectly can be very unhealthy, people do that.
Thriving for near perfection is fine, sure, and some people can handle being super careful better than others. If I personally would worry more, I would harm my mental health at least. Obviously it’s very individual, some people need to be super careful (I just want to be healthy over 120 but I have good genes. so I want to be pretty careful too but I am not allergic to many things. mostly just to cigarette smoke and human stupidity). It’s quite useful to know what we are allergic or just sensitive of, knowing this and that about food, people on this forum know that.

It’s not even a minority including subtle cases… We probably all worried needlessly about our food but the luckier ones just got a tiny bit of worry, nothing more serious. And we don’t have full information about food, dangers actually are there so it’s understandable health-conscious ones think about it and even worry. We just should stop somewhere. Some go way beyond that and that saddens me. So I can’t stop giving advice against it even if it can be unnecessary in that very case.


Just using fresh lemons now, much more tart (!)/ and monk fruit or stevia.