Label Madness

(Brian Miller) #1

Unless I’ve completely lost my mind (it’s possible) there is something seriously wrong with this label I found this morning at the local grocery.


Is it from Europe? I think they list net carbs on the top line.

(I like to post memes!) #3

Too good to be true!! What’s the product?

(Ben) #4

It’s not from Europe (at least not from the UK) judging by the spelling and word choice.

Carbs don’t add up, and there’s an interesting take on your “Daily Values” which gives:

Carbs 300g
Fat 65g
Protein 50g


What is it?

(Brian Miller) #6

It was some kinda Eggplant Appatizer that was next to the Rao’s so I thought I’d just spin it around and read the label. I believe it was from Italy so that could be the issue but I thought they’d have to reliable it for sale in the US.


Yea, red with Eggplant in it, I’m interested.

(Larry Lustig) #8

You’re right, there’s something amiss with the label.