Kids on keto?


I cook all meals except what my 12 year old makes for herself. She sometimes cooks her breakfast and eats leftovers for lunch often. So when I went keto the family went keto. The difference for my 12 year old is that she is able to eat whatever fruit she wants, she does eat some dark chocolate, yogurt, likes ketchup on her food etc… but she has listened to all the podcasts I listen to so she asks me to give her advice for ketogenic snacks. Yesterday, she asked to make rice noodles but asked how much a reasonable serving would be and she only cooked that much. She made them after she had already eaten her protein and fat. To the noodles she added an egg, sheep’s cheese, and ghee. She was very satisfied with her food and felt good she didn’t over do the carbs. Education is key. She has also had tons of food allergies so she has always eaten differently then her friends.

(Jean Taylor) #22

I haven’t actually done this but my plan would be to cook keto and only keto while trying to make sure the majority of it were things they would like. I would start with familiar food like keto lasagna and fathead pizza maybe bacon wrapped chicken and cheesy broccoli, you know things “normal” people eat lol. At 7 and 9 I wouldn’t push overly hard about what they eat when they’re out with other people just feed them healthily at home and let them learn HOW to eat.

(Camille Yeager) #23

grateful my kids are under 3. They get to grow up eating keto. As a Middle School teacher, I try to drop good food fact bombs from time to time, so my students can hear some truths about eating and food. One of my favorites is to say that their brain is mostly fat, so how can their brain develop properly if they eat low fat? (also my pet theory about the rise in autism and add, is low fat diets in children/pregnancy, but that will require a lot of science and time to figure out) I also like to call candy “poison”. :wink:

(Chelsey Crouch) #24

My kids are 8, 7, and 1. The baby is pretty much on keto as I’ve been doing keto since she started eating solids. She does eat some carbs (whole milk yogurt, occasionally a piece of toast), but she eats a lot of meat, eggs, cheese, veggies, berries…

It’s harder with my two boys. My oldest especially loves sweets. I’ve been working mostly on changing dinner - what I cook is what we are eating. Breakfast hasn’t been to hard either… I do “protein shakes” (spinach, raw eggs, cream cheese, a bit of erythritol for some sweeteness) for breakfast, or they’ll have eggs with sausage or bacon. I’ve stopped buying pop-tarts, cereal, oatmeal, etc. and so the only really carb-y thing they eat is toast sometimes.

(Jody Crawford) #25

I have two sons, the oldest is 11 and completely sugar-addicted, the youngest is 7 and happily eats 90% dark chocolate, and pretty much anything green. Both are carnivores, but the oldest doesn’t like to eat meat that requires effort to eat, such as steak - no matter how melt-in-the-mouth it is.

Unfortunately, my partner is keto in theory only, so it feels like me against the universe.

I’m cooking keto, which the whole family is really enjoying, and definitely benefitting from. But I can’t stop my beloved from bringing soda, juice, bread etc into the house, and my 11yo has a magical ability to “find” money to keep him stocked up for his sugar addiction.

So if anyone has had success in converting their family, let me know. :wink: In the meantime I keep listening to podcasts whenever we’re in the car - hehehe captive audience.

(Jeremy(!)) #26

Just wanted to add our challenges with a 6 year old ~ and really I have a hard time parenting, dealing with the sad look on his face when we change our diet so dramatically. But we have been baking our own bread and buying ThinSlim Keto bread otherwise so that he can have Almond butter and berry sandwiches to keep him happy. I cook chicken with cheese slices on the side and a bag of Macadamia nuts, hummus and a little carrot for to dip in there lunch.

Anyhow the hardest part for us is school ~ he sneaks into the cafeteria or trades with other kids for his favorites foods. Luckily the favorite foods so far is some milk, OK , and Bananas and Apple… not ok… but could be Way worse!

Makes it really hard to support the diet and I worry about doing something like Keto half way - 100% at home but at school… it’s the Wild West of food sources… Can this become super unhealthy to have this mix?

Our main approach now is communicating and talking to him about how important and how good the new foods are for him with the hopes that eventually he will make the right choice when in situations where he has assess to anything… yikes… Secondarily we have had the teachers speak with the cafe staff to not allow him to purchase food! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But trades and secret snacks form friends is still too easy… Hope the training and communication wins out! It’s only been a couple months and only a few weeks at School so ~ will update again!

(Jessica) #27

We’ve been in food boot camp at my house. My kids are 11 and almost 9. I’m not going strict keto on my kids, but seriously, they ate processed chicken nuggets, cereal, frozen pizza, corn dogs, every day. I was making them convenient meals every single night while we ate normal food, partly because we didn’t want to “waste” good, expensive food on people who would refuse it. Flawed reasoning, I know. Feeding them at someone else’s house was almost impossible because they had so limited their list of foods they’d willingly eat. All of that and my daughter would eat sushi. Go figure.

My main objective was variety, and we have done so well with that. They now eat scrambled eggs with sausage or bacon almost every morning, they’ll eat grilled chicken or steak (used to only eat fried chicken tenders), sausages, burger patties, pork tenderloins, cheese. We are working on veggies, but that will come. I still allow them grapes and oranges, and my daughter eats the occasional bowl of cereal as a treat (used to be a couple a day). I just want them to understand real food and very occasional treats. This is the first time this has worked for us, I think because I have taken control of my eating.

(Rose ) #28

I have a nearly 4yo and she is a total sugar addict (I feel its my fault as I was a sugar addict during pregnancy). She also loves all refined carbs and rejects most vegetables. The only meat she likes is sausages. I would like her to start eating fewer carbs and more fat, but my husband is a total carb fiend too and will no way ever go keto. So he’s not on board with ketofying our daughter’s diet.
My only hope is that as she gets older she will be better able to make her own decisions and I will try to teach her without ramming it down her throat (so to speak! Hah.). The last thing I want to do is give her food ‘issues’ so I’m trying to be as chill about it as possible.

(Cancer Fighting Ketovore :)) #29

Have you seen the book “Fathead Kids”?
Maybe get it for your 11yo and go through it with him. Have him help prepare a meal (start once a month).


Listen to the Keto Families podcast. Great info on integrating the keto diet into family life and at the end of each episode is a short ‘Keto Kids’ podcast made just for kids to listen to.

(September) #31

Our 2 girls (9 and 11) eat yogurt, bacon and sausage for breakfast, standard 1970s packed lunch, and keto dinner. We don’t pressure them, but we made a keto friendly space for them.

They know that mommy fasts and eats keto because it is healthiest for her and she is fat if she doesn’t eat that way. They know that their extended family gets fat and has cramps on their periods if they don’t eat keto (the kids plug ears and say “la la la” but they hear me). They can switch to keto any time they want, especially if they start their periods and have cramps or if they have any symptoms of hypoglycemia.

If they want to cook food for mommy or make a special dessert, know that mommy will not even taste it if it is not keto.

We also openly mock the dietary guidelines :grinning:


I have small children 2 and 6- I’d like to switch to keto. They are carboholic sugar addicts.
My husband is adamant about me not doing it because “they should be able to have chocolate cake and funnel cake at the fair.”
And he always complains his stomach hurts after eating certain meals- im ready to throw it in his face, or at the very least I don’t want to hear it. He recently developed celiac disease- diabetes/cancer runs on both sides of fam, yet it’s radical of me to try and take steps away from this paths. I didn’t ever intend on being super strict with their diet as i am with mine and understand children are different (I’ve been doing research)- but his argument is that it would be the end of their world. He is REALLY concerned about those future pizza parties that they might be invited to.:triumph::persevere:

(Cancer Fighting Ketovore :)) #33

So, my husband and I eat Keto. At home our kids (8, 5, 2) eat Keto (baby eats formula), but we don’t insist on it when we eat out, or they have a special event. But we do encourage them to think about what they are eating. Its possible to balance it, and if it really is a once-in-a-while treat its OK for them to go to a pizza party or have treats at the faire.