Ketostix readings?

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I’ve been doing KETO for a few months and just bought some Ketostix….my readings have been between Trace and Small 1st thing in the morning before eating…yesterday it showed Moderate…are these good readings? Keto has brought my BP down to healthy numbers but my blood sugar levels have been between the high 90’s and under 120…any input on how I’m doing and what I might do better??? I’m 72 and 5’1" and weigh between 133 & 136 pounds…my weight doesn’t seem to be improving -:(!

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For LCHF, I find keto strips a waste of money and time, but not if you’re Type 1 diabetic, but that’s a different matter.

We need more information. What does “keto” mean to you?


If you’re 72, 5’1” and between 133 -136 pounds, what are you hoping to lose? Mathematically, 1/136 is a bigger weight loss than, say, 1/250, if you see what I mean.

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I’m doing Keto for improving my health…I beat having Juvenile Polio, having a Brain Aneurysm in 1991, a Pulmonary Embolism in 2005 and now I’m trying to keep an Aortic Aneurism from rupturing and at my age my Metabolism aint what it used to be. My ideal weight is 115, but at age 72 I’m not sure that I can get down to those numbers again. As for being diabetic…I was told a decade ago that I was glucose Intolerance. Recently I was told My BP numbers were concerning when I got some readings in the 180’s…since I’ve been following the Keto Plan my readings have been under 120/70’s, but today I’m 122/76 and that be going in the wrong direction…I’m open to suggestions!

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I’m sorry, @Jeanne520Golf, I’m not being clear. What is Keto, eating-wise, for you? How do you know whether your “eating Keto” or not?

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I purchased ‘Real Food Keto’ by Jimmy & Carolyn Moore, ‘Easy Keto Dinners’ by Carolyn Ketchum and ‘The Keto Reset Diet’ by Mark Sisson and following what they recommend for doing Keto the right way…I only know what I’ve read.

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Hi Jeann - here is a great resource. Are you tracking in any way so that you are sure your carbs are at 20 grams or less?

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Thank you so much for your information…I’ve been watching my carbs and sugar and making sure that they don’t exceed my recommended daily grams. I look forward to reading #2KetoDudes!

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That’s the key metric. We argue whether 20 total or net carbs (I say total carbs) What is your max total or net carb intake?

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Ideally my Daily Macro Goals I see should be:

63 grams Protein
16 grams Carbs
105 grams Fat
1257 Total Calories…I bought myself a scale today…I wish they made a plate that showed portion size for me!

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Forum regulars stand poised to jump down your throat for counting calories. It is entirely unnecessary. Stick to a max of 20 total grams of carbs and eat to satiety. Check out Dr. Westman’s Page Four guidance for what and how much you can eat. LCHF doesn’t need to be hard.

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  1. Ketostix test wasted ketones
  2. If you have been on Keto a few months you may possibly be adapted, to which you will ALWAYS get trace readings, as your body is using the ketones it has been producing
  3. Moderate today might mean you are just dehydrated.

You’re a bit late to the game with the ketostix, they are absolutely useless for people who are fat adapted, same goes with blood testers. Don’t stress. KCKO!

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Reporting for duty, sir!