Ketones higher then glucose


Hi Bob I have MCT oil but only used it at the beginning and as you said I could only tolerate half a table spoon due to digestive issues. Would you recommend taking it daily?


But fasting and starving are two very different things, thankfully :slight_smile: Fasting bliss is very much enjoying myself. I only can enjoy it on my IF nowadays but I felt quite fine on EF in the past. Not in the mentioned few hungry hours though and occasionally I had short-lived challenging times but it’s like that when one pushes themselves… It never was too bad, not even the hungry time as I had a goal and doing my best (still without serious suffering) brought me a better feeling, only the hunger/satiation meter was worse than it could be, not the grand total! But I normally fast when I am perfectly satiated or not anymore but not really hungry yet. But it’s often worth to handle a bit soft fat adapted hunger for a little while and it goes away. Even my SO has a disappearing hunger and he isn’t fat adapted, can’t even eat low-carb. I don’t remember having it on high-carb but I admit I didn’t wait for my hunger to disappear, I just ate back then. Except 2 times in my life but ketosis happened and I stopped being hungry for a while.

I don’t have serious problems I want to solve with fasting (I mean, autophagy probably could do some nice things but it’s not as important for me as for some others) and it’s still a nice thing to me - as long as I feel okay on it and it varies how long that lasts.

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I’m addicted to MCT oil in my coffee…1st time I thought it was kind of gross, that oily feeling on the lips, but I add it to pretty much ALL my coffee now. I don’t know if it helps me in any way, but I love the taste, which probably means it is helping me or filling some need I’m not aware of.


It actually gives a lot of energy and mental clarity. I once understood the science behind it all but I’m so ingrained into this WOE now that I forget to remember the science that backs up what I do. :woman_facepalming:t3:

Whenever you want an extra special coffee treat and you’re OK with the additional fat for the day, add in addition to the MCT oil 1T of butter. That used to gross me out, but now I adore the rich silky sweet flavor that it imparts. Of course I sometimes also splash HWC in it too because I love my fats, LOL, but the butter takes coffee or tea to a level beyond. Remember the rich, decadent, creamy hot drinks we used to adore in our unhealthy years? Like rich creamy lattes or hot chocolates, etc.? Now we can have that same silky creaminess but from butter without all the sugar!


Butter is in the right direction but not quite there… I prefer cream but in some dishes/drinks, when I don’t have cream, some butter and egg can do a not stellar but okay replacement… I never liked oily coffees and probably never will, I need some protein in it too even if it’s tiny (but more than what is in butter :wink: ). Butter is a tease with its subtle dairy flavor!

I never even saw MCT oil but saw many people writing about it fondly.