Ketones and fat adapted

(Juanita Rice) #1

what happens to ketones in urine when you are fat adapted? Do the amount of ketones in urine decrease?

(Bob M) #2

They should, though it’s an open question as to how long that takes. I gave up using urine tests a long time ago, as I got too many results that conflicted with blood and breath ketones.

But they are cheap and easy to use, and do provide some evidence of ketosis, as long as you don’t pay too much attention to the values.

(Juanita Rice) #3

Hi, thank you for your reply. It’s just that I went to the doctor’s office Tuesday of this week and she said I had a trace amount of ketones in my urine. I have been doing Keto 20 carbs or less for 12 weeks. I recall reading somewhere that as you become fat adapted your body becomes more efficient in using the ketones in the fat burning process, I think, instead of excreting them from the body. Has anyone heard of something like this?



There are three types of ketone bodies. The one excreted in the urine initially doesn’t generally get produced much as ketosis continues. See the article below for more details…

(Bob M) #5

12 weeks isn’t that long. You SHOULD have ketones in your urine.

It’s when you get to say 6 months, a year, several years, where it gets tricky. Also, if you’re trying to measure ketones using urine, drinking a lot or getting dehydrated affect the ketone value.

(Eric) #7

I know that the last time I tested on a pee strip it still slightly changed color. That was after 4-5 months on Keto. Over time the color stopped being more purple and was usually more pink the longer I had been on plan. I believe that once you are fat adapted your body will become more efficient at using the ketones but I would also suspect that they still show up in urine, just at lower amounts than when we first started. Same with my Ketone levels using a blood test strip, early on my numbers were much higher than they are now, although I rarely test anymore.

(Juanita Rice) #8

Thanks everyone for your replies.