Ketone levels and exercise

(Kelly Silverman) #21

Seems like I’m always obsessed on if I’m doing it right… thats why I brought the Keto mojo so I could measure and keep track of how my keytones are after working out… Or after certain foods etc.

(Don’t have any glucose strips).

(Karim Wassef) #22

Don’t be afraid of cardio or eating protein! Both are good.

Low intensity cardio is a good consumer of ketones and it prompts your body to make more from your own fat. That’s a function of your fat adaptation phase and seeing an increase means that your liver is overcompensating to give you more - since it doesn’t yet know what you’re capable of.

As far as protein 0.7g/lb of lean mass is a good target. You can go even higher if you’re weightlifting or as you age.

Lean mass is constantly being recycled and rebuilt and so there’s a minimum level of protein needed to avoid lean mass loss.

What did I say that prompted you to be concerned about either?