Ketogenic Forums Plagiarised


Not sure where to put this. Two years ago I started a topic on using a cheap breathalyser to measure ketosis. It was a popular topic… still going.

Turns out that recently my post and much of the information from the thread has been plagiarised over at

They even copied the title of the topic pretty much wholesale.

It might be something the forum admins want to follow up with as I believe it’s probably a violation of the terms.

I take a dim view on plagiarism. Lowest of the low. I know some people will say it’s a compliment but my feeling is that linking and giving credit is a compliment. Stealing words and passing them off as one’s own is just unethical and deceptive.

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Thanks for bringing the matter to our attention. We are looking into it.

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Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.

We’re going to reach out to the website and politely ask them for some attribution.

It’s a good, healthy thing for people to research the forum, and then distribute what they learned to their circles of influence.

Yes, attribution would have been nice. We’ll see how they respond.


Glad to hear. I hope it goes well.