Ketogenic Diet's (negative) Effect on Varicose Veins?

(Debbie T) #21

I snapped some photos last night (they are worse than we both thought – he doesn’t often notice because there’s a lot on the back of his legs) just in case we see improvement over time. Fingers crossed but lots of other health improvements we are expecting will be more likely – D


Not sure it matters but I have a BMI in the low 30s, am in my late 50s with numerous pregnancies and have barely any veins. My sister who is under 25 BMI, a decade younger than me and with two pregnancies is covered with them and has been since before her first pregnancy. My father has a lot, my mother a few but definitely more than I have (and from what I remember from when she was my age I have fewer). I have been low carb lazy keto on and off for the last 4 years and nothing much changed.

Both my sister and I ate a lot of candy and carbs when we were younger, I stopped in about 2009. She kept going although she tries sometimes but usually does not succeed (was shocked when I traveled with her about 10 years ago and she insisted on stopping to buy candy for a two hour flight