Keto with Herpes

(Astrik) #1

I have been low carb ing for 5-6 years already.
Not for weight loss but for the low carb aspect of it My IBS can’thandle carbs.
I was alredy eating a healthy, paleo foods.
Initially when I started Keto, I gained a lot of weight, due to the fat. Besides, my body can’t handle high amount of fat. Don’t digest, even with lipase supplements.
I carry herpes virus. So with all the nut flours, it aggrevates the condition.
About half a year ago, I tried only animal diet and the herpes just stopped.
Unfortunately it messed up my blod picture.
So I am back low carb ing and the herpes is acting up again.
Anybody with this problem? Ideas?

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #2

Welcome to the forums!

My question is about what you mean when you say that eating meat only “messed up my blood picture.”

If you are referring to your LDL cholesterol, there are two considerations. First, if you got tested before you had been on the carnivore diet for at least six months, it is likely that your cholesterol would have been lower, a few months later.

Second, if your ratio of triglycerides to HDL was under 2.0 (in U.S. measures) or 0.9 (in measures used in the rest of the world), then your LDL level was irrelevant. Triglycerides/HDL is a much more accurate indicator of your cardiovascular risk.

If I were you, I’d probably go back on the meat-only (carnivore) diet and not worry about cholesterol.

Now, if you are referring to the results of other blood tests that were done, that is an entirely different matter. If you’d feel comfortable sharing them, we can take a look and see how serious the situation is.


Are you taking supplements? Eating organ meats? You may lack something in the way of nutrition.

It would help if you described in which way your blood picture was messed up.

(Astrik) #4

I was eating everything animal, including fermented goat milk and goat Cheeses.
My urine had too much protein.
My blood had too much ureic acid.
I don’t care that much about the cholesterol.

(Astrik) #5

I cannot do carnivore. This means only meat. I get itchy rashes when I eat red meat. Tried beef, pork, bison. No rash if I have some veggies with it.
No problem with birds or fish.

(KM) #6

Quercetin is supposedly very helpful for lowering uric acid. It comes in pills or you can buy the powder in bulk.

(KM) #7

I just read Dropping Acid by Pearlmutter, it’s all about uric acid. I don’t recall a specific link that had anything to do with herpes, but it might be a helpful book to read. Perhaps a herpes flare up is triggered by the UA? I know there’s a connection between uric acid and albumin in the urine.

(Astrik) #8

It is all the nuts and nut flours that are the culprit I have learned. I am removing all that.