(Shromona Das) #1

Traveling to UK for two months. Ideally I want to do a carnivore diet, but my family is quite persistent on a “balanced diet”. I’ve stalled and thought carnivore might be a good stall breaker. Thoughts? What is the cheap carnivore keto chart for UK?

(bulkbiker) #2

Are you going to be eating out/at home/alone/with others?
Not sure what you mean by cheap carnivore keto chart?

(Shromona Das) #3

Yes, at home. Grocery list actually. And also when I am out, touring- quick places to grab a healthy keto meal on the go.

(Cristian Lopez) #4

Look for Tescos and read nutrition facts


No dairy

(bulkbiker) #5

Where in the UK will you be based?

(Full Metal Keto) #6

Don’t let people bully you into carbage! They love you and they’re family, tell them it’s for your health and you don’t wish to mess that up to make them feel better. You’re not a “child” being forced to clean your plate before leaving the table. Demand that they respect your right to choose what you eat. If they don’t like that it’s their problem not yours. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Shromona Das) #7

I’ll be staying in Bromley, and Leeds and Manchester and Brighton.

(Jules) #8

In the uk there are so many large supermarkets that all have an extensive meat and fish selection and usually a very helpful butcher. Buying food will not be a problem.

(Shromona Das) #9

Great! That’s great. I’ll be constantly on the move. Carrying a pack of sausages seem to be a good idea

(Jules) #10

Also many supermarkets have a hot deli counter so you can buy cooked chicken, ham, ribs etc.

(Bacon is the new bacon) #11

Aldi is supposed to be high-quality and inexpensive.