Keto to Carnivore

(Alec) #21

2 rules:

  1. Don’t eat anything that comes from a plant.
  2. Eat lots of fatty meat.

That’s it. Simples. Good luck, and welcome to the Light Side!


I like that graphic- it illustrates the foods that are my favourite in proper order!
(OK…I probably eat a lot more shellfish and fish, so personally they would move up to the chicken section for me.)

I will remain keto though (for now!), as I do like cooking and the diversity under keto makes me happy, plus it has worked for me.

I know, we’re all different!

If my body tells me the small amount of healthy veg carbs is detrimental to me, it won’t take much for me to remove them from my diet. But at present, especially the way my guts work, I’ll keep my woe as keto.


Having my first meal carnivore even when I [quote=“coopdawg, post:22, topic:118999”]
I like that graphic- it illustrates the foods that are my favourite in proper order!

Meanwhile my taste and reality is nothing like that pyramid :smiley: I had that on all woe, mine is nothing like the typical one. Not my early carni times, not the main, carnivore part of my current diet…

Smart and logical and well, hedonistic. It’s a bit odd to me when one clearly have serious problems (like bellyache, that is serious to me, I hate being in pain and anyway, it’s a warning sign!) when eating something and they keep eating it. I understand temptation very well but if I know it WILL make me sick, I actually stop being tempted… Probably not everyone. It must be tough.
I don’t feel bad if I eat vegs but they do cause problems (losing control, getting hungrier) and they rarely bring any extra joy anyway. AND… Carbs add up, day after day, in my life. Better to keep it low and then I can handle the occasional straying very well…


You’re a born again hedonist! See you in Cancun.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #25

Because I don’t accurately count anything I figured if one of my 2MAD was carni I’d stand a better chance of staying under 20g of carbs.
I’m like Coop, I really enjoy a carni meal but I also love hot chilli pepper or some garlic, maybe olives or sauerkraut.


I am sure it’s exactly like that in my own case… Not like I care about such a low carb limit, I have carbier carni meals, only when milk is involved though :wink: But if my first meal is carni (or super close) and I don’t have many meals, I have way better chances. As soon as I mess things up with carbs, my control for that day (or whatever that is. I don’t feel I ever have control, I just rarely have wrong desires until I don’t make a mistake) crumbles. It’s one reason I have odd days, not off meals. It can be an off meal if it’s very late… But if my lunch is carby/off, my whole day is that. Part of it is that if it’s already broken, I have less desire to behave but the carbs in my system really changes my desires anyway.

I like some of these. I eat them on my off days. (These are pretty innocent, I eat much worse things…)
Except the chili, that’s spice and perfectly fine and I don’t even need to track as it’s basically nothing (I can’t stand too spicy things).
Sauerkraut, on the other hand… That’s amazing. I easily could eat a whole bag (they are 500g). I don’t do that but it still disappears pretty quickly. So that’s for my off days. And rarely. I don’t need it, I lived without it for years… But it’s nice and innocent.