Keto testing sticks


Thanks for this info! Its great you’re able to track the data points. I defo am weak when it comes to being detailed… like i have struggled to calorie count in the past 🫣but whats so interesting is your plateau… I would never have thought an increase in carbs would restart your weightloss! Good to know! X


You don’t necessarily need 2 liter water on top of your food (and not pure water drinks). Our food may contain a lot of water already and that counts too.
I can’t even measure my water intake but wouldn’t have such a limit anyway as our water need clearly isn’t the same all the time. My thirst works well so I never worried about my water intake (even if I didn’t want much pure water, I just drank something else) but I am aware some people should be more careful.


I am not saying this will work for you, but it did for me.