Keto stix

(KM) #1

Just going to say it again, if you are relying on keto sticks be aware that they go bad! Left side is a stick from a jar that expired in 2025, but that has been open for several months. Right side is a stick from a new jar. Dipped them simultaneously. The sticks from the old jar were consistently coming out exactly that color, and

barely any different from their dry state. They were stored in my bathroom, but in their airtight jar with double desiccant, apparently it’s not the humidity that does them in.


Those are the ones I use. My jar is newer, about a month old. Unless I’m fasting, they never show higher than 0. Only fasting causes pinks or magentas. I know people say that after you’ve been on Keto a while these may not show any ketones because our bodies are so efficient at using them up, but I can’t help but wonder why they never show any at all, (unless I’m fasting, which is how I know the sticks aren’t bad…) When I started two years ago it helped me to see the ketones. It bums me out always being 0 now.