Keto Notes, Recipes, Pictures Storage

(Courtney Fournier) #1


I currently use Evernote to save anything Keto related. It’s free and it integrates easily with my phone, PC, and Surface. I can also share notebooks with people so we have a shared recipe folder going.

This being said I’m always interested in broadening my skillz and hearing what other people use and how they organize their life!!

How do you work?


I use Evernote too, I scan everything and put it in there.

I have looked at moving to OneNote, since I’m paying for the space anyway due to having an Office 365 subscription. But, the Evernote tagging system is much better than OneNotes.

(Courtney Fournier) #3

Yeah I use Onenote for work but sharing a workbook was a nightmare. Last time I checked the phone app it wasn’t very impressive either.