Keto newbie


(Stephen Price (Lythix)) #1

Hey all,
First post. Just though I’d share my Post Christmas Keto experiences. Haven’t been on Keto long, a couple of weeks maybe. I got myself a blood tester and the keto testers. Interestingly, the highest I have seen my blood levels is 0.4mM. I’ve been really careful to keep carbs under 20g per day but just haven’t gotten there. I figured my weight is going down and there are some ketones so all good right?
I noticed a small rash on my chest yesterday and Googled for that, apparently that can be the ketones in sweat irritating the skin.
I have lost 3Kg (just weighed in at 94.9kg) since starting which is nice, not been under 95 in a while. I still miss fruit, but have stuck to my guns over the Christmas eat fest. I got some good recipes off the FB forum, made some bacon fat bombs (put too much garlic in tho haha phew!)
Sometimes I struggle to find snacks I can eat for variety.

On the flight home last night there was no food I could eat. Man, carbs are fed to everyone in truck loads!!! Even the protein balls they had were high in carbs. So I had a black coffee and some water. The real trippy thing I noticed though was that my hunger level was super low. I wasn’t starving!
I had a couple of those cabana sticks when I got home and this morning I’m not famished, just a tiny bit of hunger.
I read the simple instructions about switching your carbs for fat. I think that has helped me, as last time I tried keto (some years ago for about 3 months) I was thinking It was protein I was meant to be eating. Eating more fat instead makes sense.

(Amanda Jones) #2

I was in a four week stall, and the two things that really helped me were cutting way back on my dairy and increasing my fat. I’m losing about half a pound a day now!