Keto for my little dog?


The mix I’m currently using is called They Love It (!) I don’t know how much calcium is in bone broth but I’m sure you could do a quick comparative calculation online. Really important to include offal for dogs- liver and another non secreting organ such as heart and anything else you can get your paws on.

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@Goldengirl52 is this any use to you?

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Thanks for this Todd as I like to see both sides of the equation so I can weigh it all out. BTW, Mimmie is thriving on the foods I eat (the meats, eggs, and just yesterday I bought a good organic “recommended” canned pumpkin to add in). I also give her sprinkles of my nutritional yeast, Chia Seeds, and flaxseed.

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Like I just told Todd, I like having both sides of the issue so I can make my decision on things. I am in favor of cooking Mim’s meats, eggs, and fish. But I will read your link, and appreciate what you have to say Allie :slight_smile:

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Even with raw meats, etc. It still is in question where it came from so I’ll just keep that in mind when I feel kind of bad that I can’t buy more expensive frozen packs, or right off the cow. I started this thread because I don’t like eating in front of my little dog, and she smells what I am cooking, so now, she’s eating what I deem to be healthy meats (the best I can afford) eggs, and fish.

She’s adapting to it very well from what I see. She has more energy than she did have already, yikes, more walks, LoL, maybe a treadmill :grin: Eventually, I will be sure how much to feed her but for now it’s at 3 oz per day split to two meals so she can eat with me. She doesn’t get to sit at the table though :wink:

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I’ll check this out, thanks Allie :slight_smile:

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Mimmie will be getting her checkups, and I do like my vet very much, he was thorough and took time with me as well, talking about things. I also met another vet when going with a neighbor to take her little dog to be put down, or most likely. Her dog was just 10 :frowning: She couldn’t walk much, hind legs were just folded up:sweat: and she was just skin and bone.

The vet was very good, as well as his nurse, they did an x-ray which showed cancer and I saw the x-rays as well and he explained them to neighbor and I. It was then I began thinking much more about Mimmie’s health, and anything I could do to prevent something like this horrible disease.

Surprisingly, maybe not so, I know the neighbor fed her dog people food, but I also know that my neighbor doesn’t do keto or low carb, but she thinks she eats healthy.

She herself has bladder ulcers but won’t even consider looking at some info I’ve found that might help with those. Oh well, I’m getting off on the wrong thing here.


I had a former dog, Gus (half doberdor, half know wtf), who was such a good begger he got basically a share of every evening meal. Including takeaways (before i knew of the dangers of onions to pups, andd had a penchance for chinese take away food).

Happiest pup in the world!
And lived to about 15.5 (human years) before dieing of pancreatitus.
Heart breaking, but the end was quick and suffering short. Not bad longevatity, considering.

I’ll post a photo of him. No offense to anyone btw! (He was celebrating 12th July at the time!. Peace!).

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No offense taken here CD, and I know my little Toney, my first dog ever, died at 15 but I didn’t know what of. That was in 2006, and I’m only learning/thinking about what our pets eat since I’m now so focused on what we here are eating to better our health. Her nor I will live forever, but we can maybe miss out on a lot of sickness and pain before we croak!

Beautiful dog btw, and we do the best we can in this life, and it’s a bonus to find out the truth about something so important as healthy nutrition :wink:


Well, here’s the latest addition!!!

Admittedly is a wee bit like Gus, and that was intentional tbh.
Carly. My baby.

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Question: What’s better than puppy breath?
Answer: Nothing. Well, except the actual puppy.

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Oh what a darling, she’s precious CD!!


G-d bless Guss’s wee soul. xo
move on.



Probably the best pup I’ve been previigeged to live with.

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LoL, ditto Robin :crazy_face:

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Having a little trouble with the amount of food I should be feeding Mim. I did get the info off the label from someone, but I read about home-made foods and it’s around 1/4 cup of home-made 2Xper day for every 10 lbs of dog. Mim is 8 lbs right now, but her good weight, says the Vet is 6 lbs.

The way I figured it was what % of 10 lbs, is 7 lbs, which is 70% (I think that’s right) so then I did "how much is 70% of 4 ounces (1/2 Cup per day). So I get 2.8 ounces.

I’ve been feeding her 1.4 ounces twice a day. Does that sound right to you folks? Seems like so little, but yet it also seems like a lot. I also have to find some bones for her today, and will read through the thread again on what type (I’m thinking beef to start). I also bought a can of organic pumpkin to make sure she had enough fiber, and she loved that. I didn’t even have to mix it in.

Her poopies are regular but so small to what they were, about a third of the turd, so to speak :wink:

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Worried :frowning:

Mimmie is hardly drinking any water. This a.m. it looks like she’s not drank any since I refilled her 2 cup container yesterday morning??

She’s been on people food with just a little kibble mixed in for 3 days, today would be the 4th. I give her organic pumpkin, chia seeds, flaxseed and nutritional yeast with all her meals of gr. beef, salmon, lamb, or egg w/light sausage. All meals I eat.

I read only part of 2 articles that said not to worry when starting a pet on “raw” foods, but nothing on “cooked” foods. Can anyone help me with this?

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Was she used to dry food before? She may be getting more hydration from her current diet. Is she still peeing, pooping, and frisky?

Our dog’s gut is pretty finicky. He’s currently getting over another flair up of HGE. (Scary stuff, look it up.) we’ve learned to recognize it before he gets too I’ll and dehydrated. But his breed is prone to it. We give him a pro-biotic powder over his food to help with this, but he still gets out of whack every couple of years. Another sign is excessive grazing or foraging outside. But your little one is kept inside, right?

Was she better before you changed her diet?
Even if we know the benefits of real food, sometimes our pets have a lifetime of dry dog food and have no problems till we switch it up.

Sorry, I have no answers. just concern. Hope you figure it out.

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Yes, found enough info now that backs up the fact they get more of their water from cooked as well as raw, but she did drink some this a.m. All of her other “things” are very regular so I’ll just keep an eye on her, thanks Robin!

Glad you have a good fix for your dog, I feel way worse if my pets are sick, I guess they are like children to me since I never had any kids, they have been mine :two_hearts:

We are having inland type weather today, and supposedly tomorrow, chance of much higher temps, and winds from the South, yeehaw, out for a bike ride in a minute, have a great day!!

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Is pork bad for dogs? I’ve been giving mimi some of my unseasoned breakfast sausage. It’s called “mild” but now I’m worried after reading about pork harming dogs. Anyone? I cook all her meat and keep it separate from mine which is seasoned.