Keto for an active lifestyle not based on medical necessity

(Justin Blow) #1

If I couldn’t find a similar post I apologize, I did search and go thru the exercise section.

Hi everyone. I know a lot of people on here found Keto because of a medical need leading them to this point. I think that’s awesome and have been spreading the word to any of my coworkers or friends that are diabetic regarding keto as well.

However my own path has actually come from another podcast about rock climbing and an episode they did concerning the energy stores they were able to tap into because of the keto woe.

So I was curious to how others that might not have much weight to lose use the Keto?
How many carbs do you consume?
Calories a day?
Fat a day, and fat %?
Do you fast at all?
Protein %?
Exercise intensity?
Any questions you would like to have answered by someone with the same background?

I really look foward to speaking to all of you and having people that get it rather then try to force feed me fruit after hearing about the diet!

(Justin Blow) #2

Personally I’ve been keto for 10 weeks. I started at 200lbs. (after a week long cruise added about 10 pounds), and never had a huge fast drop of weight, but I have lost 12 pounds slowly and continue to lose about a pound a week.
This is really close to how I naturally want to eat, so cravings have not been an issue at all.
I was counting everything for awhile and was consuming 1300-1850 calories a day and on average 100-140 g of protein a day.
Where I do struggle is the fat %. I’m just not hungry or craving anything, usually when I do have some hunger a nice cup of broth is more then enough for me.
I gym climb top rope or bolder 2-4 times a week, short cycle at least twice a week (10 miles or so), do body weight work outs at home anytime I’m watching tv. My job is somewhat physically demanding (on a scale from (1) paper pusher to (10)lumber jack inside an active volcano I’m about a 7) and then on weekends I usually get around 30k steps a day in a theme park or some sort of adventure.
I really want to step it all back up now that my energy and endurance is coming back finally.
Currently my goal is to lose 10 or 15 lbs of fat and add in some more anaerobic muscle for climbing harder stuff. (5.11s are usually my current projects).

Currently I just take a multivitamin, bi-flex, and whey protein after climbing and cycle (considering adding it before climbing as well for the small carb boost)

My current questions are;
Do you fast at all? I was very concerned about the muscle loss the one time I fasted (48hrs just on a whim to see if I could, which I easily could have gone longer but was worried)

Mental clarity, what is this everyone keeps speaking of? In that regard I feel exactly the same as before!

Cheating; I accidently cheated for the first time on Christmas Eve with what would have been Keto Conquito (as much as alcohol can be), however I used Coconut Rum (5 carbs per ounce) instead of spiced (0 carbs) and ingested ALOT of carbs from that. I felt HORRIBLE and had INSANELY fast, vivid dreams that night, and was wondering if that was common or related to the alcohol this was only the second time I have drank since keto. (Worst part was I didn’t even get the fun feelings before the headaces started!)

Lastly even though I’m not hungry should I force the fat bombs or bacon to get the % up? I have bulletproof coffee often, use butter where I can. I made fat bombs and they are really good but they have been in my fridge for 3 weeks uneaten. Or should I reduce the protein and replace the hunger with fat?

(Tom Seest) #3

I’m into bicycling, and that’s pretty much it. So, I’m not sure I’d be much help with the needs for rock climbing.

I’ve been fat adapted now for two years now, and most of my current experimentation centers around long rides while fasted for hours or days.

(Justin Blow) #4

That is still just an awesome ability, very cool.
I know Richard always says he can do long rides during a fast as well. I guess on that topic I’m wondering at what % body fat is that no longer safe to do without breaking down muscle. I know you can only use a third of a fat cell per day for energy so…
I just realized I could probablly figure out a calorie requirment per day, figure out the calorie output of my own stored fat and mathematical figure out at what body fat % I would be at an energy deficit causing muscle lost. Hmm time to Google some figures.

(Tom Seest) #5

Yes. @richard is a good source with that.

One supplement you might want to look at is Vespa by OFM. Once Adapted, the supplement is useful to me on longer bicycle rides.

The Ketogenic Athlete is also an excellent podcast on the topic, as is Nourish Balance Thrive.

While all of the above vary in their recommendations for the make up of a good Ketogenic formulation, you’re probably best off experimenting on an ongoing basis to determine that for yourself anyway. The deeper you adapt, the more it changes…

(Justin Blow) #6

Awesome thanks! I’m ALWAYS looking for new podcast and that sounds perfect and I’m reading on the Vespa now!

(Tom Seest) #7

Yes. I’m not sure how Vespa will work for someone who is newly Fat Adapted, because I didn’t discover it until I was adapted for a year.

But, the best way I can describe it is that it feels like you get the boost that you’d get from adding “carbs” to the mix.

But, that is my own N=1.

OFM has a podcast too called “Food for Thought”. Just recognize that each of the above has differing recommendations for a Keto diet. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Let me know if you find any good sources for Rock Climbing for the diet, as I’d be interesting in following them.

(Erin Macfarland ) #8

I’m lean an athletic and do very well on keto . Getting sufficient calories and fat is crucial as your body fat drops. I can fast between 14 and 18 hours but I can’t produce enough energy from my far stores to go longer than that.

(Jacquie) #9

I’m small (5’2",110lbs) and my fasting times are exactly the same as yours. :slight_smile: I’m also older that most folks here and I don’t want to chance losing any lbm.
Not sure if you’ve seen this excellent post from Richard. That was an aha moment for me.

(Erin Macfarland ) #10

That was SO helpful for me! I always thought I was doing something wrong!

(Jacquie) #11

Exactly! So did I.

(Justin Blow) #12

Holy!!! I would need Additional fat 117.2 g to prevent “slowdown” even using the suggested much lower kcal requirment I’m still over 80 g short per day. Thanks so much for that calculator link!