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Is pickled herring keto friendly?

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Why wouldn’t it be?

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A lot of pickled herring contains sugar. Always read the label (on everything) to see whether the ingredients and carb count fit into your plan.


It depends what keto friendly means, I never fully figured out it.

Anything can fit into a keto diet, it’s about the carb content.
Or not if you are sensitive and something happen to go beyond that.

Of course, sugar is good to avoid but I can’t do that even on my most strict style that can be considered carnivore. Well I can if I really try and avoid cheese (a condiment of mine has sugar and goes WONDERFULLY with cheese). But cheese helps me out sometimes so I won’t quit it…

I do my best to avoid added sugar completely but see the above, one item breaks it. I don’t have another, normally.

I happen to have pickled herring and I totally will eat it on (my admittedly not perfect but that’s my rare best) carnivore. It only had sugar and no sweetener, I have been searching for it for years! I LOVE pickled herring. I want to eat it at least once a year… I wouldn’t eat it often as I am so much against added sugar - but it is a quirk of mine that doesn’t make much sense even to me as I eat sugar a lot just natural and often carnivore ones…


The pickling juices are made with sugar. As of late Ive been tiring of eating eggs for breakfast and so I switched to pickled herring, sour cream and cream cheese, full fat.


I checked mine. 1.8% sugar but it’s mostly the vegs next to the fish. Probably good enough for me occasionally, I will see if it will be horribly sweet. I am pretty sensitive to my meat being sweet, I hate that. (All animal body is meat to me I think. Never thought about insects but why not?)

I had to stop eating pickles 1-2 years ago as I couldn’t handle the sweetness anymore. ONCE I have found one without sweetening, it usually has sugar and/or sweetener and I hate the used sweeteners.
Pickled herring is almost always sugar AND some horrible sweeteners here, apparently.
Is it normal to put 3-4 sweeteners into everything? Well a lot of things, I barely ever check labels as I rarely need that. I hate with a passion at least 2-3 of them…
Sweets mostly just use maltitol and maybe stevia. Still bad.

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Well, that pretty much answers the question, right there.


Not for most of us I would think. It matters how much sugar is used.
Sugar is a very problematic item but a tiny bit fits into most of our keto woe. Especially if the food item is so useful and desirable.
(My SO can’t understand what one can like in pickled herring. I don’t get it either but it’s a nostalgic childhood food of mine, a person I disliked after I learned about his true colors liked it but even that can’t deter me, it’s LOVELY and I want it, tiny sugar or not. I could eat worse thing than that.)