Keto Flu symptoms

(Eleonora Fois) #1

how do you deal with the keto flu symptoms? is headache a common symptom?

(Allie) #2


Ketoaide & KCKO

(John) #4

Water. Lots of it. Salt. Magnesium supplements.

My favorite keto-ade was a little lemon juice in water plus 1/2 tsp Morton Lite Salt.

Otherwise I just made sure to add a little extra salt to foods.

(Allie) #5

Water to thirst only or you’ll be flushing out the electrolytes you’re trying to balance.

(Eleonora Fois) #6

Thank you so much

(Richard Hutnik) #7

I am going to try bullion. I also found salted pumpkin seeds are good for sodium and not too expensive.

(Eleonora Fois) #8

Do you manage Intermittent fasting on keto and how many hours do you manage to extend your fasting time? Do you manage 72hours fasting and if yes how many times do you manage that time in a month?

(Carl Keller) #9

I only had light headedness but like @JohnH says, water and salt are your friends. You have to consciously increase those since you don’t get as much when you do keto. Two liters of water per day is good and 1.5 to 2.5 teaspoons of salt. I have to force myself to have a salt coffee here and there. It tastes miserable but I gulp it down knowing it will help me out.

(Eleonora Fois) #10

Thank you, and you are right…my cardiologist told me I need to have salt…I do not want to but I have to…and the idea to add it to coffee is excellent I will try it…

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #11

I carry around chicken bullion granules in my purse. If I feel slightly crappy, I make a cup of it and the rest of the day no problems!

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #12

The symptoms of sodium deficiency, also known as “keto flu,” are lightheadedness, fatigue, headache, constipation, and nausea. They are easily resolved by consuming more salt and drinking to thirst.

According to several recent studies, including the PURE study, out of McMaster University, the healthiest level of sall intake is at 5 grams a day, which translates to 2-1/2 teaspoons. When sodium is at the correct level, the body also easily regulates potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Most governmental dietary guidelines for salt intake are woefully inadequate, the U.S. guideline especially so.

(Walt ) #13

It may be nothing serious but I thought I’d mention it. In the past week or so I have had an almost daily and single occurrence of an odd feeling of fainting while standing, and accompanied by my legs shaking/ trembling. These episodes last less than a minute and then I am fine. And it has only ever happened just once a day.

I’ve been told I am pre-diabetic, so I wonder if it is a hypoglycemic low blood sugar warning. I came to understand that the keto diet can help prevent diabetes, so I am left now wondering.

I don’t want to go to the doctor for fear he will report me to the DMV because of “lapse of consciousness.”


It may have various reasons. I get this when I lack sodium (very rare) or when my body wants food (not so rare unless if I decide to wait until hunger. dizziness often comes way earlier).
But surely there are various reasons.

IDK about blood sugar problems but the more knowledgeable ones probably will come and say something smart about it.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #15

Since this happens when you stand up, it’s likely you are experiencing what they call “postural hypotension.” This results when electrolytes are out of balance, and the blood volume is low (hypovolaemia). If you are taking medication to lower blood pressure, then see your doctor about getting the dose reduced, or stopped altogether. Otherwise, the problem should be easily curable by consuming a bit more salt and staying hydrated. A cup or two of bone broth a day should take care of it. If that does not help, then please see your doctor.

If you were hypoglycaemic, the symptoms would occur at other times than when you simply stand up.